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Title: Advertising
Prompt: #473 Apple
Fandom: Persona 3
Pairing: Takeba Yukari / Kirijo Mitsuru
Rating: G
Word count: 111
Summary: Mitsuru gets an iPad and everyone notices.

in which everything mitsuru does ever is a trend for the fangirls of japanCollapse )
31st-Aug-2015 11:49 am - Challenge #474 - Reunite
Title: Bad Good Girls
Prompt: #474 Reunite
Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: McKenna/Laurel
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 250
Notes: Public sex

“So you’re dating Oliver now?” Laurel asks, voice friendly, polite, interested.Collapse )
(Can I get the fandom tags for Clueless and Carrie? :D And maybe you want to take a double-look at the Pirates of the Caribbean-tag, for there are two with different spelling :D)

Author: killing_kurare
Fandom: Harry Potter

1. Lavender/Parvati - PG - 196 words - food
Parvati has no idea what her eating a cupcake does to Lavender.

2. Lavender - PG-13 - 125 words - self-love
The only one who’s willing to love Lavender is herself.


1. Carrie - Carrie/Sue - G - 197 words - sympathy
Sue will give Carrie all the time and all the help she needs.

2. Clueless - Cher/Dionne - PG - 230 words - fashionable
It had been only a matter of time until Dionne realized that the thing that made her look perfect was Cher.

3. The Craft - Nancy/Sarah - G - 188 words - legendary
They share a mutual smile, knowing they are blessed.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean - Lian/Park - PG - 225 words - revenge
Lian will avenge Park's death ... or die trying.
Hey everyone! As promised, I'm back with two new challenges to make up for my absence last week. I hope everyone is having a good time with finishing out summer, starting back up with school/classes, and just generally enjoying this time of year.

Challenge #472 is over. Thank you to this challenge's participants paperclipbitch, salmon_pink, swan_secrets, vitiate_me, write_x_always, and xjadedgrlx.

Challenge #473 is apple. Challenge #474 is reunite.

Standard comm rules apply to the weekly challenge - 100 - 250 words, any f/f pairing, any fandom. See the user info for complete rules. Also, please remember to tag your entries 'challenge473' or 'challenge474' as well as 'author: yourname', 'fandom: yourfandom' and, if applicable, 'crossover.'

And as we enter our last month of the Kinks Drabble Cycle fills, thank you to our recent participants crookedspoon, killing_kurare, paperclipbitch, phoenixfalls, punk4life1315, salmon_pink, swan_secrets, and xjadedgrlx. Remember, fills in femslash100 end on September 30th, but you can continue posting fills in the femslash100100 community after that.

Thank you once more to our Drabble Tag 6 participants 4kennedy, afterandalasia, demoka, elasticella, femme_slash_fan, kerkevik_2014, killing_kurare, minus_seven, salmon_pink, stardustcd, swan_secrets, vitiate_me, and write_x_always.

Have a lovely week!
30th-Aug-2015 10:22 pm - Kinks - Temperature
Title: Blowing Hot, Touching Cold
Prompt: Kinks Challenge - Temperature
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Elsa/Ruby
Rating: R
Word count: 250
Notes: Character spoilers for Season Four

Ruby shivers, fingers scratching at the sheets.Collapse )
Kate/while i'm wide-eyed
Title: New York (Saint in the City)
Author: paperclipbitch
Fandom: Marvel comics
Pairing: Kate Bishop/Cassie Lang
Rating: G
Prompts: #25. Temperature, #26. Texture, #8. Breath, #18. Pain.
Word Count: 250 + 250 + 250 + 250
Notes: Four separate drabbles, but linked together into a four seasons themed fluff fic. *cough* AU in that Cassie has never died ever.

They’re Young Avengers, emphasis on the young part, and they’ve both definitely earned more than a little simple happiness.
Title: Of broken promise and inadequacy
Author: Stardustcd
Prompt: protectiveness
Fandom: Carmilla
Pairing: Danny/Laura
Rating: G
Word count: 140

Danny's broken her promise.
Title: Let the sparks fly, baby
Prompt: 11. edging
Fandom: Batman/Superman: The Animated Series
Pairing: Harley Quinn/Livewire
Rating: M
Word count: 250
Summary: At this point, Harley's about ready to cry.
Bering & Wells
Title: In the Shape of You (8/10)
Author: phoenixfalls
Prompt: Authority
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Relationship: Myka Bering/Helena "H.G." Wells
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 250
Summary: Myka finds Helena renting a small cottage ten miles outside Univille.
Hayley and Rebekah
Title: You Look Gorgeous
Author: xjadedgrlx
Prompt: Kinks #30 Worship
Fandom: The Originals
Pairing: Cami O'Connell/Davina Claire
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
A/N: Future fic, established relationship. No spoilers.
Summary: Cami loves the way Davina looks pregnant.
LJ or AO3
27th-Aug-2015 11:33 pm - Free Weekend
Hello, femslashers! Ever since I took up the mod position, this has been the wildest week of my life. I just moved into an apartment for my last semester of college and was stuck without internet for a few days, then I was in class, studying, and getting my shit together all week. I spaced on the new challenge on Sunday, and I apologize for that.

This weekend, I'd like to just propose a free challenge. Write for DrabbleTag 6, write for the Kinks cycle, write for any past challenge we've posted. And on Sunday, I'll update with two new weekly challenges to catch up.

Thanks for being awesome!
Hayley and Rebekah
Title: The Wedding Present
Author: xjadedgrlx
Prompt: Kinks #29 Whipped
Fandom: The Originals
Pairing: Cami O'Connell/Davina Claire
Rating: PG
Word Count: 225
A/N: Future fic, established relationship. No spoilers.
Summary: Cami and Davina receive an unusual wedding gift from Klaus.
LJ or AO3
Title: Proof
Author: Swan_Secrets
Prompt: Kink Table "Troubled Hearts Series" - 28. Voyeurism
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairings: Belle/Ruby and Emma + Regina
Rating: G
Word count: 250
Note: This is Part 35 of "Troubled Hearts"

ProofCollapse )
Hayley and Rebekah
Title: Much Better
Author: xjadedgrlx
Prompt: Kinks #28 Voyeurism
Fandom: The Originals
Pairing: Davina Claire/Monique Deveraux
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 130
Warnings: Cunnilingus, Voyeurism
A/N: Takes place about nine months before the start of the show. No spoilers.
Summary: Abigail watches Monique.
LJ or AO3
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