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Portrait - #410/#407

Title: Portrait
Author: Killing_Kurare
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Darla/Drusilla
Word Count: 230
Rating: G
Challenge/Prompt: #410/407: Remainder/"Portrait"

“It’s beautiful,” Darla sighed and tilted her head, kept looking at the portrait of herself and Drusilla.
The brunette came up to her, resting her head on Darla’s shoulder. “The colors sing to me … can you hear the tune?” she asked and closed her eyes, starting to hum along a melody only she could hear.
Darla chuckled a little and touched the other woman’s cheek with her own. “I can hear you, my love,” she whispered, her arm snaking around Drusilla’s waist, pulling her in.
Just as Drusilla raised her head, looked at the blonde’s tempting lips, wanting to taste them, a sound interrupted their intimate moment.
The painter shifted his weight from one foot to another, clearing his throat. “So, the ladies are pleased?”
“Very pleased,” Darla answered, smiling at the man. “I’m sure your skills will be well-known these days.”
“But I don’t want to share,” Drusilla pouted and traced some of the fine linings in the drawn fabric on the canvas. “I want it all for myself.”
The blonde sighed. “Well, you heard the lady …”
The painter frowned. “So … you’re going to be my patron?” His voice was full of hope, finally being able to make good money with his art.
“Not quite,” Darla chuckled, letting her true self be seen.
When the painter screamed in terror, she listened to Drusilla hum another melody.

Tags: author: killing_kurare, challenge407, challenge410, fandom: buffy the vampire slayer
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