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Drabble Tag Round 6 - Intro Post and Unfilled Prompts S-Crossover

Hey there femslashers! As promised yesterday, here is the first post for Drabble Tag 6. As a new mod, I'm excited to start it up and see what sort of fics we can create. Below the cut are the rules and info about how Drabble Tag works, courtesy of olivia_j from the last round.

Drabble Tag RulesCollapse )

Here is a list of prompts unfilled from the last round, plus a few new ones to get the creative juices flowing. You're welcome to choose prompts from the last round of Drabble Tag, though these new prompts should take first priority. Until this post gets too big, I will post new prompts here as well. Please post fills here, as this will be the Drabble Tag 6 master post.

General Chat/Discussion/Friending Post

Banners by salmon_pink

Unfilled Prompts #-F

Unfilled Prompts G-K

Unfilled Prompts L-N

Unfilled Prompts O-R

Unfilled Prompts S-CrossoverCollapse )

Filled Prompts #-C

Filled Prompts D-G

Filled Prompts H-N

Filled Prompts O-R

Filled Prompts S-Crossover

There will undoubtedly be some messiness within the first few days as I figure out posting and everything, but I'm not worried. I just want everyone to have fun, write some great fic, and get to know fellow femslash writers!
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