clarahow (clarahow) wrote in femslash100,

Drabble Tag #6 // Teen Wolf: Allison/Lydia: Training // Out of the Woods

Title: Out of the Woods
Author: clarahow // agentroxylancelots // charleybradburies
Prompts: Drabble Tag #6 (#19): Allison/Lydia: Training by wildlinggirl
+ writerverse challenge #9: Drabble Tree
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Allison/Lydia
Rating: T
Word count: 100w
Summary: She had two bullets in her gun.
Notes: currently a comment!fic in conjunction with another comm challenge. I'll be making an LJ masterpost of these drabbles, and they will be up on ao3 at a later date. the current link is to the thread.
Named ironically for the Taylor Swift song of the same name.

posted to writerverse here.
ED. 6.24 1:36pm EST: apparently the wv link only works for members of that landcomm. this drabble is SEVENTH on this masterlist.
Tags: author: clarahow, drabbletag6, fandom: teen wolf
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