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Drabble Tag #6 // Once Upon a Time: Emma/Ruby // The Sheriff's Bullhorn

Title: The Sheriff's Bullhorn
Prompts: Drabble Tag #6 (#37): Emma/Ruby: Denim Shorts for swan_secrets (+ 100-women Prompt #67: Sight)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Characters: Ruby, others mentioned
Pairing: Emma/Ruby
Length: 250w
Rating: T
Summary: Ruby wasn't usually one to toot her own horn.

Ruby wasn't usually one to toot her own horn, but she had done pretty damn good with the presents she'd given Emma for her official promotion. She'd packed a cute gift basket full of sweet little things - some chocolates, a perfume that she catches whiffs of sometimes when she and Emma run into each other now, the mildly bedazzled gun holster she, Belle and Regina had (somehow) collaboratively gotten her, a nice congratulatory card (puppy and all), and a gift card to a local department store.

The gift card had enough money on it to get quite a bit, because school would be starting soon and Emma had been coordinating with Regina as to how much she would be putting forth for Henry's supplies, and Ruby had wanted to be sure that Emma knew that she was explicitly being told to spent money on herself.

And oh, she had. Ruby doesn't know everything she's bought, and she doesn't need to - she's more than content with the knowledge she has of her sheriff's newly acquired possessions.

She'd seen the most important of them when Emma had come inside Granny's to vaguely proposition Ruby's opinion the morning following her and Henry's shopping trip: at least one pair of slim-cut, low-waisted denim shorts, the same shade of red as her jacket (which was her one of her excuses to keep wearing the damn thing in summer), form-fitting and, quite honestly, distractingly delicious.

Not that she was complaining...nor did Emma seem to mind.

Tags: author: clarahow, drabbletag6, fandom: once upon a time
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