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Drabble Tag 7 Ending Fic-a-Thon

I'm happy to announce the beginning of our Drabble Tag 7 Ending Fic-a-Thon! From today unti midnight on Sunday, February 19th, I will be hosting a community challenge to see who can fill the most Drabble Tag prompts. Here are the rules:

- Any fills must follow the community guidelines
- Fills may come from any Drabble Tag round (all unfilled prompt lists are linked here)
- Double fills (meaning if you fill a prompt someone already filled or you post two independent fills for the same prompt) do count
- Only fics posted between today (even ones posted before I posted this) and midnight, Feb. 19 count towards your total.
- Please comment with a link to your fill on the original prompt. Not only will the original prompter see it easily, I will see it and update the fill list quickly.
- I will keep track of everyone's totals (please contact me if you see any mistakes, of course)

Also, this event is cumulative in nature. That means if one writer posts 20 fics today and another writer posts 21 fics over the course of the week, the person who posted 21 fics would come out on top. I will be writing and filling some prompts myself, but I will not be going for prizes!

Here are the rewards for this Fill-a-Thon, courtesy of me, fresh_brainss. I talked a little bit about them here as well.

First prize for the most fills will receive 2 months paid account status ($5). Second and third most fills will get to choose one virtual gift of their choice ($.99).  All questions can be directed my way The option of a charity donation in lieu of a gift has been approached, which sounds perfectly fine to me--but we can hash that out at the end. Ties between counts mean both writers will get a prize.

Now, go forth and write! We may have prizes and totals going on, but really, write what you love. Write for fun. Write because we love femslash. <3
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