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Three Drabbletag 7 fills (two AHS: Hotel, one WicDiv)

Title: Debauchery
Author: merryghoul
Prompt: American Horror Story: Elizabeth (The Countess)/Ramona Royale - dirty talk - requested by agirlnamedtruth
Fandom: American Horror Story(: Hotel)
Pairing: Elizabeth (The Countess)/Ramona Royale
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 100

It was the 1970s. The Hotel Cortez was hosting drug-fueled disco parties that rivaled Studio 54’s. In a booth, Elizabeth and Ramona looked out at the debauchery.

“I want her,” Elizabeth said, pointing at a woman dancing at the dance floor.

“What are we doing after we seduce her?” Ramona asked.

“We’re taking her up to my suite, of course. We’ll make her think we’re having a threesome. Then after we drink from her, I’m going to fuck you in her blood, just like we always do.”

Ramona nodded. “I like that,” she said as Elizabeth strode towards the woman.

Title: Sheets
Author: merryghoul
Prompt: Elizabeth (The Countess)/Hazel Evers - housekeeping - requested by agirlnamedtruth
Fandom: American Horror Story(: Hotel)
Pairing: Elizabeth (The Countess)/Hazel Evers
Rating: Mature
Word count: 150

Wherever there was a stain, Hazel was always there to clean it, no matter where it was in the Hotel Cortez. Even if it meant going to the room of the woman James loved, a woman who didn’t love him back. A woman whose existence reminded her of how much James didn’t love her back.

Hazel did what she always did to any bloodstained bed in the Hotel Cortez; take the sheets off and prepare them to be laundered in the laundry room. To Hazel’s surprise, Elizabeth appeared in her bedroom as Hazel was taking the sheets off her bed.

Hazel stood up, ready to flee and curse Elizabeth’s existence. But Elizabeth walked up to her and kissed her, a long, slow, tender kiss. “Thank you,” Elizabeth said.

In that moment, Hazel realized that Elizabeth was not the awful woman she imagined Elizabeth to be after all. Elizabeth did care.

Title: The Slot
Author: merryghoul
Prompt: The Wicked and the Divine: Laura/Luci - illicit - requested by clockwork_hart1
Fandom: The Wicked and the Divine
Pairing: Laura/Luci(fer)
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 100

No one was watching them in Holloway Prison. If they timed everything right, no one would notice what was happening.

Laura stood up near the slot where Lucifer was allowed to converse with visitors as the guards looked on at some sort of riot elsewhere in the prison, reflected on television monitors. Her fly was open; she wasn’t wearing knickers.

Lucifer lifted one of her free fingers towards Laura’s cunt, hoping she wouldn’t set it on fire.

When Laura came, she grunted, then pretended like she had a cough, to make sure the guards didn’t know what was going on.

(Mods, I need a tag for The Wicked and the Divine.)
Tags: author: merryghoul, drabbletag7, fandom: american horror story, fandom: the wicked and the divine
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