merryghoul (merryghoul) wrote in femslash100,

Drabbletag 2: Torchwood: Gwen/Suzie - Never

Title: What’s Next
Author: merryghoul
Prompt: Torchwood :: Gwen/Suzie :: Never - requested by paperclipbitch
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Gwen Cooper/Suzie Costello
Rating: Explicit/contains noncon
Word count: 100

If Gwen wasn’t slowly dying, her life essence fueling Suzie’s resurrection, she would be able to get out of the car Suzie stole. Gwen would hope she’d be able to roll out on a patch of grass and somehow contact Torchwood in the middle of nowhere.

Instead, Gwen was forced to feel Suzie’s free hand creeping up her thigh, her fingers inching closer and closer to Gwen’s cunt as Suzie was driving. Gwen would never do this if she was conscious; she’d bat Suzie’s hand away. Gwen closed her eyes and prepared herself for what was about to come next.

Tags: author: merryghoul, drabbletag2, fandom: torchwood
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