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DrabbleTag7 x2 fills - OUaT: Mary Margaret/Ruby & Emma/Evil Queen!Regina/Regina

Title: Bittersweet Scents
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Mary Margaret/Ruby
Rating: G
Word Count: 189
A/N: cinnamon - requested by fresh_brainss

Ruby really loves the scent of cinnamon.

Ever since Emma had prompted her and Mary Margaret to go on a date, she had loved the scent, melding so wonderfully with the natural scent of Mary Margaret.

The school teacher claims to only imbibe cinnamon on top of her hot cacao, but Ruby can smell it all over her. Or maybe it’s her imagination.

But of course, David Nolan had to awaken from his coma.

But of course, Henry had somehow managed to convince Mary Margaret that she and David were destined for each other, allegedly already married.

But of course, Mary Margaret would awkwardly attempt to break up with her, so of course Ruby shakes off the despair and chuckles at Mary Margaret.

‘I knew this was just a phase for you. It was just a bit of fun right?’

Mary Margaret’s so relieved that the break up was so easy, she doesn’t notice how flat Ruby’s laugh sounds.

Snow White never realises that her best friend hand washes her pillow with cinnamon just so she has something to remind her of her greatest love.

Correction: her greatest hurt.

Title: Tied Up In Negotiations
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Threesome: Emma/Evil Queen!Regina/Regina
Rating: M
Word Count: 199
A/N: Common Ground - requested by swan_secrets. This one is a teensy bit cracky.

Emma twisted desperately, the ropes around her legs had no give, but she was able to lift her arms up by a few inches.

‘So are we in agreement?’ asked Regina.

‘Indeed,’ replied The Evil Queen.

‘Wonderful,’ stated Regina, a triumphant smile emerging on her face.

The Evil Queen matched her smirk and moved to slide a hand down Emma’s exposed thigh.

‘Please tell me you didn’t both agree to torture me?’ asked Emma, voice a touch higher than usual.

‘Of course we agreed, dear,’ said Regina.

Emma groaned, ‘Nooooooooo.’

‘Be quiet, or we won’t cut you loose afterwards,’ snapped The Evil Queen.

‘You’ll cut me loose?’

‘Eventually… If you’re a good girl for me,’ replied The Evil Queen.

‘I promise to be good.’

‘I’m counting on it,’ whispered The Evil Queen, before she turned to pull Regina’s chin towards her in a biting kiss.

‘Oh wow…’

‘Silence, Miss Swan.’

‘Yes Regina! Oops... Um… Okay, being silent now.’


‘I have a feeling she won’t be able to keep quiet, so be a dear and just make me come,’ said The Evil Queen, not being gentle at all as she shoved Regina back on to the bed behind them.

Tags: author: demoka, drabbletag7, fandom: once upon a time
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