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2 Drabbletag Fills | Cougar Town

Title: Nude Beach
Prompt: Cougar Town: Jules/Laurie - beach
Requested By: salmon_pink
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Summary: Just a day at the beach…

Laurie reached behind her and tugged the knot that held her bikini top together, pulling it off.

“Laurie!” Jules scoffed, “this isn’t a nude beach!”

“Who’s gonna care?” Laurie rolled her eyes.

“Um… him?” Jules looked over Laurie’s shoulder at the approaching policeman.

Laurie laughed, grabbing her beach bag and taking off.

“Laurie!” Jules called, jumping up after her. She glanced back to see the cop running as well. “Go, go, go!”

Jules saw Laurie duck behind a stack of kayaks and joined her in time to see the cop run past. Laurie started to giggle and Jules kissed her.


Title: Friend-Rules
Prompt: Cougar Town: Ellie/Jules - Jules' bathroom
Requested By: salmon_pink
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Summary: There are some new rules around here…

“Don’t come in here!” Jules cried, slamming the door before Ellie had a chance to follow her.

“What? I once helped you bleach your mustache and you won’t let me brush my teeth next to you?”

“It was not a mustache! It turned out to be a little bit of dirt and not facial hair at all…”

“Yeah, okay…” Ellie smiled. “Come on, let me in.”

“And anyway we weren’t sleeping together then! Friend-rules are different than fuck-buddy-rules!”

“Fine. If I can’t get in to brush my teeth, I’ll just go home…”

After a moment, the door opened. Jules sighed.

prompts from drabbletag6
Tags: author: madampresident, drabbletag7, fandom: cougar town
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