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DrabbleTag 7 x2 fills - OUaT

Title: Beauty Tips
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Ruby/Snow White
Rating: M
Word Count: 100
A/N: manicure as requested by fresh_brainss

Ruby moaned softly as Snow White nuzzled her neck before turning her head to kiss her, tongue darting out to touch her own quickly.

Ruby felt herself getting hot at the feeling of Snow undoing her buttons, throwing away her shirt and dragging her nails downwards from Ruby’s shoulders.

‘OW! Wait, Snow, can you please trim your nails before we continue? I’ve still got nice reminders of last night on my back and I don’t my skin will forgive if I let you go to town again so soon,’ explained Ruby.

‘Says the woman who grows claws once a month!’

Title: Poking The Snow
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Emma/Regina
Rating: G
Word Count: 250
A/N: vengeance as requested by fresh_brainss

After being forced to listen to yet another sanctimonious speech from Snow White, Regina decided to fight back. Henry could only be weighing on her conscience for so long. Besides what she had in mind was not malicious. Not really.

Regina pulled up a number and dialled.

‘Hey, Regina. What’s up?’

‘Swan, how do you feel about pulling a prank on your dear mother?’

‘I dunno, what kind of prank would this be?’

‘Come over to Granny’s and I’ll go through it with you.’

Regina waited for what felt like an eternity before Emma finally replied.

‘Mm, okay. See you soon.’

‘I look forward to it,’ said Regina.

She turned to tap Snow on the shoulder, distracting her from her discussion with Belle.

‘Oh Regina, would you like to join us?’

‘Yes, don’t mind if I do, dear. What are we talking about?’

‘Snow was being so kind as to provide some suggestions with boosting Rumple’s reputation.’

Regina cringed inwardly. Good luck with that you foolish girl.

‘How kind of her,’ said Regina.

Snow beamed at her, almost as if she thought she was bestowing a reward for Regina’s support.

Hurry up Swan!

After 10 minutes, Emma did appear through the diner’s entrance.

Regina stood up quickly and said loudly, ‘Oh baby, I’ve missed you.’

Emma’s eyes widened as Regina held her close and placed a solid kiss on her lips.

Snow White’s mouth and eyes were opened at maximum as Emma began to kiss Regina back.


Tags: author: demoka, drabbletag7, fandom: once upon a time
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