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Drabblecycle AU: Legends of Tomorrow - Chay-ara/Sara - #15 Mythology

Title: Catch
Author: Swan_Secrets
Prompt: AU Table: #15 Mythology
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Pairings: Chay-ara/Sara
Rating: PG
Word count: 250
Note: Warning for suicide attempt, homophobia reference.

Sara finished the last of the sweet wine then dropped the bottle off the edge of the bridge. She leaned over to watch it shatter far below.

She looked around. She was alone. The sky was cloudless and darkening as the sun set. There were still some slivers of beauty in the world.

Not enough.

Sara got up onto the ledge of the bridge. Fear almost stopped her.

“Goddess forgive my sins,” Sara whispered and stepped off.

Sara fell. Fast. She felt pure terror instead of the relief she’d expected.

The impact came before she hit the ground. Even more confusingly she reversed direction. The ground was falling away instead of rushing to meet her. She was flying.

Strong arms held her tight. Huge wings flapped.

Then she found herself back on the bridge. Sara of course recognised her saviour: the goddess Chay-ara. Her wings were huge, the feathers shimmering gold and her armor was shining silver.

Sara dropped to one knee and bowed her head. “Goddess you saved me.”

Chay-ara pulled Sara back up to her feet. “And I know why you jumped. Despite what some in your village say there is nothing wrong with loving a woman. Love is love.”

“It...is?” It was the first time Sara had ever heard the way she felt accepted.

“Yes,” Chay-ara smiled. “I’ll come with you, explain to them myself.”

Chay-ara started towards the village. Sara followed with the hope she might not have to suffer again because of who she was.
Tags: author: swan_secrets, drabble cycle: alternate universes, fandom: legends of tomorrow
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