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Drabble Tag 7 Fill-a-Thon Winners

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late post...I got sick for the first time since I was in high school last week, and I was a giant baby about it. Seriously. Like, lying in bed moaning weakly for my roommate to buy me a smoothie. It was rough.

But nevertheless, I've tallied up the fill totals for our Drabble Tag 7 Fill-a-thon, and the numbers are amazing! You guys, in seven days, we collectively wrote 124 individual drabbles. I'm blown away at this year's participation. There has been such an amazing sense of community during this round of Drabble Tag and we've ended it on a high note.

I am happy to announce our winners for this year's Fill-a-Thon!

In first place with 25 fics we have madampresident!

In second place with 22 fics we have dustbunny105. And in third place with 10 fics we have ahavah.

Immediately after I post this, I will message our winners to discuss prizes. Congratulations, writers, and thank you for all of your amazing writing this round. Keep an eye out for news about Drabble Tag 8, which will commence this spring!
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