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Drabblecycle AU: The Flash - Caitlin/Iris - #20 Sex Workers

Title: Crush
Author: Swan_Secrets
Prompt: AU Table: #20 Sex Workers
Fandom: The Flash
Pairings: Caitlin/Iris
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 250

“Cut!” Moira Queen called.

Iris lowered her camera and the two naked women in the bed stopped their writhing and moaning. The moved apart to their own sides of the bed. Felicity Smoak (star ‘Smoak on the Water’, ‘Smoakin’ Wet’ and ‘Smoakin’ Hot’) had on a pair of thick rimmed glasses, black hold up stockings and black six-inch heels. It was what was left over from the naughty librarian outfit she has started the shoot wearing.

Felicity was hot for sure, but it was her partner Caitlin Snow, an exclusively lesbian star, that Iris found truly sexy. Caitlin had tattoos of snowflakes running down her left thigh from her hip to just above her knee. She had streaks of blue in her hair. Caitlin saw Iris looking and gave her a wink.

While Moira gave the pornstars some direction Iris checked what she’d recorded so far, with the sound muted.

Holy hell Caitlin was hot.

It was a bad idea to have a crush on pornstar, especially when you were supposed to film her having sex with other women on a regular basis. But for some reason filming her made Iris even more attracted to her.

“How do we look?” Caitlin asked.

“You look amazing,” Iris smiled then cleared her throat. “Uh both of you look amazing.” She met Caitlin’s eyes. She'd seen the look Caitlin was giving her before, in her movies. It was her I-want-to-fuck-you look.

It was such a bad idea to have a crush on pornstar.

Tags: author: swan_secrets, drabble cycle: alternate universes, fandom: the flash
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