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Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Phasma/Rey - Invisible bonds

TITLE: Invisible bonds
PROMPT: #536, separate
AUTHOR: yuri_onna
FANDOM: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
PAIRING: Phasma/Rey
"It seems that it turns into some odd habit" says Phasma, looking at the captured Rey. "How many times it was? Ten? Damn, this time you also managed to steal Kylo's lightsaber. I hope this brat won't find it, because he's gonna whim and I might not be able to stop him from torturing you this time"
Rey says nothing. Nor that she could with a gag. Phasma knows how to deal with a Jedi, even if they're just wanna-be Jedi. But Rey can swear she hears some kind of praise in Phasma's voice.
"Babe" Phasma grabs Rey as she carries her to the landspeeder "Try to escpae as many times as you wish, I don't mind hunting you. But don't try to anger this jerk. Because if you'll anger him, there is a big chance we'll be separated for good. And none of us wanted this, right?" she asks, giving the Rey's butt a slap.
Once again Rey can't answer. Phasma's words are troubling her. Is she really escaping only to be captured by this woman over and over again? She wants to return to the rebels. But after being imprisoned here since a month, she finds that bonds that are keeping her here might be stronger that these that are currently immobilizing her.
"Yes, I know what are you thinking. No matter if you'll escape miles or light years away, you're mine. And nothing will separate us" Phasma places Rey on her lap and starts the landspeeder's engine.
Tags: author: yuri_onna, challenge536, fandom: star wars
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