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Drabblecycle | Brenda/Sharon AU

Acting/Film Stars
Coffee Shop
High School

Pairing: Brenda/Sharon | The Closer
Ratings: Ranges from G-M
Word Count: 100 each (1000 total)

Acting/Film Stars (100)
“You cast Sharon Raydor for a love story arc this season?” Brenda furrowed her brow.

The casting director smiled. “A story arc for now but I think that the part could be expanded. People love your chemistry ever since you were in Society Singles together.”

“Do you remember why Society Singles went off the air?”

He laughed. “I know it wasn’t because of ratings.”

“It’s because we broke up!” Brenda snapped. “So, thanks for casting my ex as my love interest on my own show.”

“Oh, I… the network…” He sputtered. “I can’t really… do anything about it… I’m sorry?”


Coffee Shop (100)
Brenda stepped up to the counter, prepared to give her order when she saw Sharon Raydor watching her expectantly.

“What are you doing here?” She blurted, blinking in surprise.

“I work here…”

“You work at the police station.” Brenda insisted.

Sharon laughed. “I have a second job.”


Sharon fidgeted, a little uncomfortable, “because I have two young children and a deadbeat husband? As much as I’d love to continue this embarrassing conversation, there are people behind you in line, so…”

“Oh, right. Uh, large mocha. Thanks.” Brenda handed over her crumpled bills.

“Don’t make this weird, please.” Sharon whispered.


College/University (100)
Sure, professors aren’t supposed to sleep with their grad students. But everybody does it… well, all the men do it anyway… And really, it’s not that weird, Brenda is only ten years younger than Sharon so it isn’t creepy.

Sharon’s fingertips glide over Brenda’s bare back as the blonde smiles sleepily. “What’re you thinking about?” She murmurs.

“Oh… shoes and ships and sealing wax.” Sharon shrugs. “Cabbages… kings… the usual.”

Brenda grins. “I love you.”

Sharon’s heart sinks. That’s not supposed to happen… She’s married- With two children!

“Are you going to say it back?” Brenda chewed her lip.



High School (100)
“So… I know you’re probably too cool and aloof for the prom, but I was thinking. Maybe we could go? Like, ironically or whatever.”

“Did you say something?” Andy asked.

Brenda looked up from her locker mirror. “No.” She fussed with her sweater anxiously. “I’m just… practicin’.”

Andy looked over Brenda’s shoulder, murmuring, “six o’clock.”

Brenda closed her locker and turned as Sharon walked up to her. She leaned in and kissed her softly. “Hi.” Brenda swooned.

Sharon produced a red rose and Brenda’s smiled widened.

“Miss Brenda Leigh, would you…”

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Brenda launched herself at Sharon.


Historical (100)
“Mrs. Sharon Raydor?”

Sharon turned, looking skeptically at the woman crossing the courtyard clumsily, clutching her hat to her head.


The woman held out a hand. “Brenda Leigh Johnson, ma’am. How d’ya do?”

“The writer?” Sharon smiled.

“You’ve heard of me.”

“To say the least.” Sharon nodded.

“I wanted to pick your brain for a book I’m writin’.”


“The woman who can outshoot any man? Yes, ma’am.” Brenda grinned. “In this, the year of our Queen Victoria, I believe, more than ever before, the future is female.”

“A woman after my own heart.” Sharon grinned. “Please, come in.”


Married/Domestic (100)
“Do you have the sports and leisure section?” Sharon asked.

“Why would I have the sports and leisure section?” Brenda snorted, sipping her coffee.

Sharon laid her legs over Brenda’s lap, opening the arts and culture section. “You never know.”

Brenda used her free hand to massage the ball of Sharon’s foot. Sharon bit her lip against a moan.

“Feel good?” Brenda grinned.

“Uh-huh…” Sharon slipped her eyes shut contentedly.

“You should wear more comfortable shoes.” Brenda said.

Sharon laughed, “believe me, if I could get away with wearing slippers to work, I would do it all day every day.”


Neighbors (100)
Sharon opened the door to see Brenda standing on the threshold. The younger woman had moved into the building a week ago and they’d seen each other in passing in the elevator but had barely exchanged a conversation.

“Can I borrow a cup of sugar?”

Sharon narrowed her eyes. “Really?”

“No.” Brenda laughed self-consciously. “My apartment was gettin’ kinda boring and thought maybe… you might want to come to my place for dinner tonight? I can order us Chinese.”

Sharon considered this for a moment before nodding. “Okay. That sounds nice.” She agreed. “I can bring a bottle of wine.”


Superheroes (100): This is part of the canon for a wip where Brenda and Sharon get superpowers: Sharon has super strength and Brenda has invulnerability (and thus hasn’t been able to feel anyone’s normal touch, a fact she bemoans earlier in the story)

Sharon put her hand on Brenda’s shoulder. Brenda’s eyes widened and Sharon pulled back suddenly. “I’m so sorry, I forgot myself. Are you okay?”

“Am I okay?” She demanded, the smile stretching across her features. She brought Sharon’s hands up to cup her cheeks, “I can feel you. I’m wonderful.”

Sharon smiled, brushing her thumb over Brenda’s cheekbones, searching her soulful brown eyes.

Brenda pushed Sharon back against the wall, capturing her lips in a kiss. Sharon lifted the younger woman effortlessly and Brenda wrapped her legs around her.

“Don’t hold back.” Brenda purred, a mischievous glint in her eye.


Vampires (100)
Sharon’s breath came out in ragged gasps. Brenda’s fangs were in her thigh and her fingers were in her pussy and the combination of sensations was driving Sharon to the brink of madness.

When she came, she came hard, yelling out cuss words that Brenda had never heard before. After the initial pleasure wave subsided, she looked up at Brenda through heavily lidded eyes. Watching Brenda lick Sharon’s blood from her long fangs sent another shot of arousal through the older woman.

“Wouldn’t’ve pegged you for a fang banger, Captain.” Brenda purred, hovering over Sharon.

“That was amazing…” She whimpered.


Werewolves (100)
“Hey, thought we could help with the search.” Brenda said, approaching Andy, flanked by a Belgian Malinois.

“Yeah, thanks. The more the better.”

Brenda leaned in to look at the clipboard. “Captain Raydor and I can take the third quadrant.”

“You named the dog Captain Raydor?” Andy laughed.

“Um.” Brenda bit the inside of her lip. “Yes…” She looked down at the dog who looked back up at her.

“Don’t let Sharon hear that.” He warned mirthfully as he walked away.

Brenda didn’t have to look down to know that the dog was giving her the stink eye. “I know.”
Tags: author: madampresident, drabble cycle: alternate universes, fandom: the closer
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