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Drabblecycle AU: Arrow - Nyssa/Sara - #28 Werewolves

Title: Change
Author: Swan_Secrets
Prompt: AU Table: #28 Werewolves
Fandom: Arrow
Pairings: Nyssa/Sara
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 250

“Are you ready?”

Sara nodded. She was nervous, afraid even. She gave Nyssa a look and patted the thin robe she was wearing. “This wasn’t some elaborate plan just to get me naked right?”

“Any clothes would be destroyed by the transformation,” Nyssa said seriously. Then her mouth twitched with the barest ghost of a smile “Seeing you naked is just a welcome bonus.”

There had been a flirty thing between them since Sara had been bitten and the pack had taken her in. Sara has been more than happy when she had found out that Nyssa was going to be her guide into the world of werewolves.

After lessons on anatomy and psychology and mediation it was time at last for Sara to try her first controlled transition into her wolf form.

Sara shrugged off her robe. She liked the reaction she saw on Nyssa's face. It was definitely attraction.

"Close your eyes," Nyssa said.

Sara did as she was told. At this point she would pretty much do anything this woman asked her to. She had learned so much from her, she had discovered so much about her new life.

"Feel the wolf."

Sara did. She felt the animal within. It wanted out. She had spend so much time trying to tame the animal, keep it in. Now at last she was ready to take the next step. Afterwards she wanted to take the next step with Nyssa too.

The strength surged through her and the change began.

Tags: author: swan_secrets, drabble cycle: alternate universes, fandom: arrow
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