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Drabblecycle AU: Arrow - Laurel/Nyssa - #30 Author Choice

Title: Awoken Sin
Author: Swan_Secrets
Prompt: AU Table: #30 Author's Choice (Nuns AU)
Fandom: Arrow
Pairings: Laurel/Nyssa
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 250
Note: This completes the table!

Sister Laurel was on her knees praying in her room.

Tonight she was praying, as she had done on many days and nights recently, for the strength to resist temptation.

A soft knock at the door interrupted her invocations.

Laurel said a quick 'amen', made the sign of the cross, then stood. She opened the door she found her prayers had not been answered.

Sister Nyssa had arrived at the convent some weeks ago, and Laurel was certain she had been sent by Satan himself.

"Sister Laurel, I wondered if we might pray together?"

The right and good answer, which she'd begged the Almighty for the strength for, was no.

Instead, with butterflies in her stomach and her heart racing she nodded and stepped back to let Nyssa in. She did it knowing that she was giving in to the sin in her heart.

Nyssa had awoken the sin of lust in Laurel in a way she didn't understand. Nyssa was a woman. Even in her life prior to coming to the convent Laurel had never had any carnal interest in her own sex.

Behind the closed door they knelt beside the bed.

"Forgive us our sins Father," Nyssa said softly. "Forgive us our weakness."

"Forgive us," Laurel repeated.

They kissed, touched and undressed. They give in to their outrageous desires of the flesh, stifling moans and whispering wantonly.

After they worried for their souls and vowed this was the end.

They both knew God would see through that lie.

Tags: author: swan_secrets, drabble cycle: alternate universes, fandom: arrow
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