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Drabble Cycle Round 13 - Fanfic Tropes - OPEN FOR CLAIMS AND FILLS

This Drabble Cycle will close for claims and fills on December 31, 2018 before we move the community to DW. Details here.

Hi everyone! I hope you all had fun finishing up your tables from last round. Welcome to Drabble Cycle 13! The winner of the theme poll was Fanfic Tropes by a mile. I selected some of the most popular tropes on AO3 and from other LJ challenges like Trope Bingo.
I modelled the tables directly after the previous round. There are two table options, one with thirty prompts and one with ten. If you're writing the ten prompt table you can either use the one provided or make your own by using the blank table and selecting ten prompts of your choice from the thirty prompt table.

Rules (copied directly from previous rounds):
on the drabbles themselves:
- To finish the challenge you will have to write either 10 or 30 drabbles, one for each of the prompts listed.
- The topics may be interpreted as literally or as loosely as you'd like. For example, the hurt/comfort trope could include one character bandaging another's wounds or one character providing a shoulder to cry on for another.
- Your drabbles must follow general community rules - femslash, no more than 250 words, etc.
- Please tag all your entries in this challenge with the tag "drabble cycle: fanfic tropes".
- Comment to this post when you've completed your table and I'll add you to the finished list.
- You are allowed to cross-post your drabbles to other communities and journals (in accordance with their rules, obviously). Just remember to post a link to them to our comm at some point - you can either post as you go or wait and post your whole table when you're done.
on making claims:
- For this challenge each participant should claim a single subject. This can be a pairing, a character, a fandom, etc. Subjects can be claimed by more than one person. If you absolutely can't claim a single subject, you can make a general, non-specific claim.
- You don't need to specify which table you're claiming. If you finish the ten-prompt table and would like to continue on with the rest of the prompts, you can just keep writing without making another claim.
- Original fiction and characters are allowed.
- Crossovers are permitted, whether as a specific claim or as part of any of your drabbles.
- You can make a second (and a third and etc.) claim, but only after you've finished the first one.
- You can continue to make claims right up until the deadline.
- If you didn't finish your claim from an earlier drabble cycle that doesn't preclude you from making a claim in this one.


1. Sharing a bed 2. Fake dating 3. Enemies to lovers 4. Kidfic 5. Role Reversal
6. Truth or Dare 7. Miscommunication 8. Futurefic 9. Bodyswap 10. Crossover

1. prompt 2. prompt 3. prompt 4. prompt 5. prompt
6. prompt 7. prompt 8. prompt 9. prompt 10. prompt

1. Mutual Pining 2. Sharing a bed 3. Enemies to lovers 4. Friends to lovers 5. Fake dating
6. Amnesia 7. Kidfic 8. Meeting the family/parents 9. Reunions 10. Road trip
11. Role reversal 12. Soul bonding/soul mates 13. Time travel 14. First times 15. Truth or Dare
16. Darkfic 17. Alternate Universe 18. Sex Pollen 19. Miscommunication 20. Proposal
21. Domestic (curtainfic) 22. Futurefic 23. Bodyswap 24. Crossover 25. Hurt/comfort
26. Wingfic 27. Marriage of convenience 28. Cross-dressing 29. Fantasies/dreams 30. Huddling for warmth


crookedspoon: General fandoms
greatcomet: General fandoms

the_wiggins: Buffyverse, general fandom
templefugate: DC, general fandom
clarahow: Game of Thrones, general fandom
gunsnships: Hamilton, general fandom
sparkbird: Primeval, general fandom
fresh_brainss: Riverdale, general fandom
punk4life1315: Shadowhunters, general fandom
4kennedy: Supergirl, general fandom
50shadessubtext, Supernatural, general fandom
danger0usw0man: The Vampire Diaries, general fandom
withasmile87: The Walking Dead, general fandom
peeltable: WWE, general fandom
katleept: X-Men Comics, general fandom

neko_kirin3104: Adalind Schade/Theresa Rubel (pairing from Grimm)
madampresident: Claire Pritchett/Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (pairing from Modern Family)
bithgreene: Hayes/Tess (pairing from Conviction)
gleemademegay: Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry (pairing from Glee)
captainzarina: Jasper/Pearl (pairing from Steven Universe)
ana_khouri: Kate Stewart/Osgood (pairing from Doctor Who)
patsy: Lana Lang/Tess Mercer (pairing from Smallville)

Completed Tables

doctorkaitlyn: General fandoms, table on LJ

madampresident: American Horror Story, general fandom, table/fics on LJ
reinadefuego: Matthew Reilly, general fandom, table on LJ

femme_slash_fan: Jane/Joy (pairing from The Coroner), table on LJ

This cycle now has an AO3 page where you can add your fics.
Tags: admin, drabble cycle: fanfic tropes

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