yuri_onna (yuri_onna) wrote in femslash100,

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Phasma/Rey - Prey

PROMPT: #538, toxic
AUTHOR: yuri_onna
FANDOM: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
PAIRING: Phasma/Rey
„Yet another failed escape attempt. A fourteen? Fifteen? Maybe I should start calling you „Prey” instead? Phasma smiles, finishing bounding captured Rey with a rope. „I'm impressed, but you should really practice this Jedi stuff more, darling. Yes, I heard a stories that a Jedi once could reflect projectiles with their swords. But it seems that it's not your strong point, right?” she gives Rey no time to answer, fastening the ballgag.

„You know, these darts I used on you today” Phasma continues, as she carries Rey „were covered with a special kind of toxin. No, don't worry, it won't poison you or anything like that. I wouldn't like to have my favorite prisoner dead or something. They have more... interesting effect, I'm bet you'll find it out very soon”.

Phasma sits on the landspeeder's saddle and positions Rey on her lap, face down. Despite the gag, Rey starts to moan. She feels unwanted tingle between her legs and growing heat all over her body. Saliva leaks from the corner of her lips as she squirms on the Phama's lap. But ropes are giving her very little freedom.

„Oh, it seems that the toxin is already working. What a naughty girl you are, my little Jedi. But you have to wait till we return to the base. Then I'll take really good care of you” Phasma smacks Rey's round buttocks and grins evilly as they ride through the snowy fields of the planet.
Tags: author: yuri_onna, challenge538, fandom: star wars
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