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Harry Potter, Pansy Parkinson/Hermione Granger - Letter

TITLE: Letter
PROMPT: #544, neat
AUTHOR: yuri_onna
FANDOM: Harry Potter
PAIRING: Pansy Parkinson/Hermione Granger

„Dear Pansy” Hermione shook her head, because of the tight, leather collar biting into the skin of her neck, and returned to the letter „I did what you told me, keeping the collar on my neck for the last four days. It's not easy to hide it under the scarf or turtleneck, but I'm doing my best. Actually, I think this is harder than when you made me to not wear a panties for the entire week. But I will do what you told me. Every time I feel it, I dream of the moment we'll meet again”.

She looked at the letter, written with a neat, copperplate handwriting. Pansy told her to write such letters every day and to leave them hidden in the girl's toilet. It was something like a journal of their relationship. Hermione wondered if Pansy will ever allow her to read them again. Or maybe she reads them with her pals?

It's been three months since Pansy made Hermione kneel and beg for being her mistress. As expected, Pansy was a harsh dominatrix. She allowed Hermione to talk with her only two times per week and only after making a certain challenge. There were a moments when Gryffindor girl really hated this relationship and wanted to break with a cruel Slytherin lady. But one look of the Pansy's eyes was enough to destroy such ideas.

„Your devoted slave, Hermione Granger” she finished the brief letter, feeling familiar ticking inside her belly, as she wrote these words.
Tags: author: yuri_onna, challenge544, fandom: harry potter
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