doctorkaitlyn (doctorkaitlyn) wrote in femslash100,

2 drabble cycle 13 fills

Title: how to keep a secret
Fandom: Riverdale
Pairing: Alice Cooper/Hermione Lodge
Prompt: 'dreams/fantasies' trope
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Word Count: 250
Summary: Hal has no idea that she has despised him for longer than she can remember. He has no idea that she's planning on pulling the paper out from underneath him one day in the future.

Mainly, however, he has no idea that she's been intermittently fantasizing about Hermione Lodge since high school.

Title: Sacrilegious
Fandom: Preacher
Pairing: Emily Woodrow/Tulip O'Hare
Prompt: 'reunions' trope
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 250
Summary: Emily is fairly certain that what she's doing counts as an act of sacrilege.
Tags: author: doctorkaitlyn, drabble cycle: fanfic tropes, fandom: preacher, fandom: riverdale
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