doctorkaitlyn (doctorkaitlyn) wrote in femslash100,

3 Drabble Cycle 13 Fills

Title: comfort above all else
Fandom: Power Rangers (2017)
Pairing: Kimberly Hart/Trini
Prompt: 'cross-dressing' trope
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 250
Summary: "Are any of those clothes yours?"

Title: Territorial
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Kali/Laura Hale
Prompt: 'enemies to lovers' trope
Rating: T
Warnings: Threats of violence
Word Count: 250
Summary: “I thought I told you to get out of my territory.”

Title: Hitch
Fandom: Riverdale
Pairing: Betty/Cheryl/Veronica
Prompt: 'truth or dale' trope
Rating: T
Warnings: Implied sexual content, voyeurism
Word Count: 250
Summary: "Betty," she says, "truth or dare?"

"Dare," Betty answers confidently. This time, Cheryl licks her lips before she speaks, voice low and hushed.

"Let Veronica eat you out."
Tags: author: doctorkaitlyn, drabble cycle: fanfic tropes, fandom: power rangers, fandom: riverdale, fandom: teen wolf
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