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Drabble Cycle 13: Enemies to Lovers | Glee Quinn/Rachel

Author: GleeMadeMeGay
Prompt: Enemies to Lovers
Title: Why Anyone Would Voluntarily Communicate With an Enemy is Beyond Me
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): Swearing, Sex
Word Count: Three 100 Word Drabbles, divided by the &s
Note(s): Trope: Enemies to Lovers,
Rachel’s dads were dedicated to her getting the best education, and though dedicated to her growing up in Ohio (it was “where they’d grown up”, and was, “a good place to raise a family”) they were willing to move and fight for her. That was why Rachel ended up on Vocal Adrenaline, because though Lima was nice, Carmel had a much larger arts program. She was good—and the team was perfect. Until she met Quinn at Regionals during the New Directions’ first win in years, and she lost everything. Maybe. The line between losing everything and perfection was very thin.
Quinn wasn’t supposed be in Glee. She was popular, a cheerleader, the quarterback's girlfriend. But she joined, and it was the best thing in her life. Here she was—here the team was—at Regionals. With Mercedes and Finn singing lead, the New Directions had won their first competition in over a decade. Everything was perfect. Except for how she couldn’t stop staring at Rachel from Vocal Adrenaline, and how Rachel couldn’t stop staring at her. The transition from enemy to being in a motel room, Quinn moving—no, forcing—Rachel on to the bed, a mess of limbs, kissing, moaning, needing, was blurry.
Rachel never intended to fuck Quinn. Friends, dating, making love, those were possibilities. But hard, angry, agressive, fucking wasn’t something Rachel even considered. But here they were, and Rachel almost instantly regretted every second that she hadn’t been having hate sex with Quinn. When she came for the first time, begging, pleading for more, Rachel knew everything had changed. When the tables turned, Rachel was the most aggressive she’d ever been, but who could blame her with the way that Quinn demanded with mere facial expressions everything. And Rachel gave everything. The transition from fuck-enemies to relationship was much clearer.

Tags: author: gleemademegay, drabble cycle: fanfic tropes, fandom: glee
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