Reina de Fuego (reinadefuego) wrote in femslash100,
Reina de Fuego

Challenge 548 & Drabble Cycle 13

Title: Woman vs. Nature
Fandom: Matthew Reilly
Pairing: Abby Sinclair/Emma Dawson
Prompt: Drabble Cycle 13 - Sex Pollen
Rating: E
Word Count: 250
Warnings: Mild dub-con.
Summary: "If you weren't a woman, I'd be telling you to go fuck yourself."

Title: Like A Virgin
Fandom: Matthew Reilly
Pairing: Emma Dawson/Veronique Champion
Prompt: Drabble Cycle 13 - Wingfic
Rating: T
Word Count: 200
Summary: Veronique has enhancive surgery, but she didn't expect the side effects.

Title: Les-Bi-Honest
Fandom: Fast and the Furious
Pairing: Magdalene Shaw/OFC
Prompt: Challenge 548 - shoulder
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Mags has lived through a lot of shit, but her boys trump it all.

Title: Guard Our Girls
Fandom: Matthew Reilly
Pairing: Chloe/Marianne Retter
Prompt: Drabble Cycle 13 - miscommunication
Rating: G
Word Count: 250
Summary: "Marianne, my name is Chloe. I think you have the wrong idea. I work for Her Royal Highness."

Title: Spring Has Sprung
Fandom: Matthew Reilly
Pairing: Elizabeth Gant/Veronique Champion
Prompt: Drabble Cycle 13 - Domestic
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: If there's one thing Libby hates more than anything, it's cleaning.
Tags: author: reinadefuego, challenge548, drabble cycle: fanfic tropes, fandom: matthew reilly, fandom: the fast and the furious
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