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Challenge #549 - "Second" - BtvS - Kennedy/Willow

Title: Second
Author: Swan_Secrets
Prompt: Challenge #549 - Second
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairings: Kennedy/Willow
Rating: G
Word count: 250

Kennedy was late getting back from clearing out a vampire nest.

Since leaving the ruins of Sunnydale Willow and Kennedy had finally had a chance to let their relationship develop normally. At least as normally as it could in a couple where one of them was a witch and the other a Slayer. As normally as it could when Willow still loved Tara. It was a fact Kennedy sometimes struggled with. She felt like she was competing with a dead woman.

Kennedy was still jazzed from the fight. She’d snacked before going to the room. She found Willow sleeping. Willow looked cute in her pink fuzzy pyjamas, but she was also on her back, mouth wide, snoring.

Kennedy smiled and undressed.

Tara would always be Willow’s first great love. Her first girl. The first girl she’d kissed. The first she’d fallen for. The first she’d made love with. The first she had given her heart and soul to.

Willow snorted into something close to being awake when Kennedy got into bed.

“You’re stinky,” Willow frowned.

“Sorry, I got kinda sweaty. I guess I could go shower.”

Willow put her hand on Kennedy’s arm. “Sweaty is good. I like your smell anyway.”


They snuggled and kissed. Within seconds Willow was snoring again. Kennedy was too buzzed to sleep. She watched, adoring the peace. Moments like this were what she fought for.

Tara might have been Willow’s first great love. But Kennedy was glad she was going to be her second.
Tags: author: swan_secrets, challenge549, fandom: buffy the vampire slayer
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