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Drabble Tag 8

Drabble Tag 8 will close for claims and fills on December 31, 2018 before we move the community to DW. Details here.

Hello, my loves! I've been absent way too long from this lovely community and I return with the beginning of Drabble Tag 8!

Many of you have been a part of femslash100 for a long time, so you know the drill, but here's a refresher for all of our new femslashers. Way back in 2006, this community started a Drabble Tag event--three prompts are left, and when someone fills one of the prompts with a 100-250 word fic, they leave three more. It keeps going and building until we have a huge bank of prompts and awesome fics to read.

This even has soared in popularity in the last few years and we have literally thousands of fics to show for it. I'm a little late on getting this one started (I usually try for the first of June), but I hope we can kick it off as a great summer event.

Here are the rules:

Not many changes from last year, but one of them will be that I am creating a separate post for unfilled and filled prompts. This post, the very one these rules are in, will contain the Drabble Tag itself. I will post a few prompts to get us going. But the filled and unfilled lists will be linked separately. This will help me a bit with editing.

When you fill a prompt, respond to the prompt itself with your link to your fill, and please post your fic directly to the community. You do not have to put the fic in your post if you don't want to--you may link to your personal LJ/DW/AO3. So you reply to the comment with the prompt with a link to your fill and post it to the community. This will help me keep track of all the fics you write.

Please post your prompts in this format: Fandom: Character/Character - prompt. Poly ships and "open" prompts are also acceptable as well as crossovers. Please use alphabetical order.


MCU: Darcy/Natasha - glasses
Teen Wolf: Allison/Lydia/Malia - fierce
Any: Any/Any - first love
Crossover: Riverdale/Teen Wolf: Cheryl/Lydia - scream

Incorrect formatting:

MCU, Darcy/Natasha, glasses
Teen Wolf: Malia/Lydia/Allison - fierce

Here is last year's Drabble Tag--it will give you an idea of organization and formatting.

You may fill as many prompts as you'd like. You may leave one, two, or three more prompts. You may also fill prompts from any previous Drabble Tag round. Please respond with a link to your fill to the original prompt, then link your fill to this post. It may sound like overkill, but it will both let me know you've filled a prompt as well as letting the original prompter know you've written something. Only post your new prompts here, though. Let me know if this is confusing and I will be happy to clarify!

Unfilled Prompts A-L

Unfilled Prompts M-Crossover

Filled Prompts

Feel free to post your fics to the community on AO3 as well!
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