Countess Von Fingerbang (madampresident) wrote in femslash100,
Countess Von Fingerbang

1 Drabbletag8 Fill: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Title: Beware of Dog
Author: Coco | madampresident | grrriliketigers on AO3
Fandom: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Jacqueline/Lillian
Prompt: midnight| Requested by doctorkaitlyn
Word Count: 100
Summary: Sometimes being with Lillian is dangerous

“Jacqueline!” Lillian sat up, hammer clutched in her hands. “It’s the middle of the night! How did you get in here? The door was locked!”

“For god’s sake!” Jacqueline laid her hand over heart. “For the thousandth time, a handwritten ‘beware of dog’ sign is not a lock.”

“Says you.” Lillian mumbled. “But I haven’t been robbed for two whole weeks!”

“That’s comforting.” Jacqueline smirked. “So, are you going to put your bus pass away and let me get into bed?”

Lillian set the hammer down on the bedside table (cardboard box) and Jacqueline slid into bed next to her.
Tags: author: madampresident, drabbletag8, fandom: unbreakable kimmy schmidt
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