dustbunny105 (dustbunny105) wrote in femslash100,

Challenge #558 - memory

Title: Back Together
Prompt: #558 - memory
Fandom: Transformers: Lost Light
Pairing: Anode/Lug
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Summary: Missing scene from Lost Light #6; Lug comes back.


Anode knows every line of Lug's body; she has no doubts about being able to shape the widowed metal. What holds her spark in a vice as she watches those familiar optics light up is the fear of who'll look back at her out of them.

"Lug?" she murmurs, hoping and frightened.

Those optics cycle wide and Lug(?) jerks upright. She catches Anode by the shoulders and sputters, "That was the Necrobot! You said-- Anode?"

"Y-yeah," Anode speaks through static, hugging Lug tight against her. "I say a lot of things."

And she has a lot of things to say.
Tags: author: dustbunny105, challenge558, fandom: transformers
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