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Challenge 564 - 1 Golden Girls Drabble

Title: Abstained
Author: Coco | madampresident | grrriliketigers on AO3
Fandom: Golden Girls | Blanche/Dorothy
Prompt: 564 - Kink
Word Count: 200
Summary: Dorothy is a little intimidated.

Blanche has a reputation.

So does Dorothy… but not anywhere near the same type of reputation.

The two women had committed to dating exclusively almost two months prior. At first Dorothy had felt good about their decision to wait on the sexual aspect of their relationship. But as time dragged on, she felt increasingly worried that she wouldn’t live up to Blanche’s expectations.

Dorothy slipped under the covers.

Blanche sat up and reached over to turn on the light. “Dorothy Zbornak, this is the fourth night in a row you’ve waited until I’ve been in bed for more than an hour to come to bed. Explain yourself.”

Dorothy sighed. “I’m afraid to have sex with you.”

Blanche laughed. “Get outta here.”

“I’m serious, Blanche. I don’t want to disappoint you.” Dorothy admitted. “You’re much more… experienced.”

Blanche wrapped her arms around Dorothy. “Darlin’, I may be experienced, but not with women. You’re the first woman I’ve ever wanted to be with this in way. Sure, if Miss Sophia Loren had offered, I’d’ve been tempted…”

“Blanche...” Dorothy laughed.

“I'm nervous too, Dorothy.”

“You are?”

“We'll figure it out together - and we'll save the kinky stuff for later.”
Tags: author: madampresident, challenge564, fandom: golden girls
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