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Drabble Cycle: Tropes | American Horror Story (12 total drabbles, 1200 words)

1. Mutual Pining
2. Truth or Dare
3. Sharing a Bed
4. Enemies to Lovers
5. Fake Dating
6. Marriage of Convenience
7. Kidfic
8. Wingfic
Angel of Death/Jude
9. Meeting the Family
10. First Times

1. Mutual Pining (200 total, 100 each) | Cordelia/Misty
Deprived of her sight, Cordelia’s every other sense was heightened. She could tell by the way the air was displaced who entered the room, so she already knew that Misty was there before she smelled her distinctive scent.

Misty smelled earthy, sweet, like a freshly planted rosebush. Her heart leapt into her throat every time Misty neared her. She could hear the younger woman’s heartrate speed up, the closer she got.

Cordelia parted her lips and took a deep breath, almost tasting the foraged mushrooms and greenery that still lingered on Misty’s tongue.

Cordelia patted the sofa next to her.


Misty sank into the cushions next to Cordelia. She couldn’t help the flutter of nerves that always welled up in her when she was near to the other woman - nor could she help the smile that tugged at her lips.

Misty watched Cordelia’s face. She knew that Cordelia was acutely aware of her every movement but she was stricken with a sudden attack of nerves. The air between them felt electric.

Cordelia laid a hand down between them. Misty laid her own down next to Cordelia’s and slowly extended her pinky towards Cordelia’s and Cordelia wrapped her pinky around Misty’s

2. Truth or Dare (100) | Billie/Aileen
“Truth or dare, pretty lady?” Aileen drawled in a voice that dripped with mischief, bending close into Billie’s personal space.

Billie’s breath caught in her throat; she licked her dry lips. She wanted to say nothing; she wanted to walk away… “Truth?”

Aileen leaned closer until her lips hovered over Billie’s ear. “How wet are you right now?”

Billie’s heart pounded hard and she let out a shaking breath and whispered back, “dare you to find out…”

Aileen’s hand snaked under Billie’s waistband and the rest of the murderers shouted and called excitedly though neither woman was paying any attention.

3. Sharing a Bed (100) | Jude/Lana
The door opened suddenly, Lana covering her eyes against the light. Jude was shoved inside and she heard Mary Eunice’s peal of laughter as the door was locked again.

No matter how much anger she had toward Jude, no matter how much of what had happened to Lana was Jude’s fault- directly or indirectly- she just felt sad for the broken shell of a woman.

Jude looked at her, freshly electroshocked, silently pleading with herself for recognition.

“Come here.” Lana sighed gently, guiding her to the bottom bunk. Jude settled on it and Lana sat behind her, stroking her hair.

4. Enemies to Lovers (100) | Jude/Lana (continues from above)
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Jude murmurs. Lana holds her closer. “I’m so sorry.”

Lana wipes away the tears from Jude’s cheeks. Jude unexpectedly captures her lips; Lana pulls back, startled. Jude cups her cheeks, pulling her back down. “I’m sorry; let me apologize.” Jude’s hand slips under the hem of Lana’s nightdress.

“Let me be sweet.”

“Jude, Jude,” Lana wraps her arms tighter around the older woman. “It’s okay. You don’t have to do that.”

“I don’t?”

“No.” Lana coaxed Jude’s head to her shoulder. “I was angry… but you’re just as much of a victim as I am now.”

5. Fake Dating (100) | Audrey/Monet
Audrey excitedly ran into the room, clutching the tabloid. “Look! They’re still talking about us!” She jumped onto the bed next to Monet, showing her the cover and tapping the sidebar picture of the two of them holding hands.

Audrey rolled over onto her back with a wide smile. “Do you know how many parts we’re going to get offered?”

“I have to admit,” Monet leaned over her friend. “Pretending to be dating was pretty genius.”

I’m pretty genius.” Audrey grinned. “Could you imagine though?” She asked, reaching up, tucking curly hair behind Monet’s ear.


“If we did date?”

6. Marriage of Convenience(100) | Elsa/Gloria
Living in a mansion was great -- and Gloria, for all her meek and timid affect, was a surprisingly gifted lover. However, the fact remained that Elsa had married Gloria because the cabinet of curiosities was in dire financial straits.

Gloria would do anything for those she loved; Elsa wanted for nothing. Except… her old life with her freaks. She still performed but there had been something fulfilling about living and struggling alongside her lovely freaks.

“Elsa, come to bed.” Gloria murmured, stretched out nude underneath decadent sheets.

Elsa stubbed out her cigarette, blowing smoke out the bathroom window. “Coming, darling.”

7. Kidfic (100) | Fiona/Myrtle
Fiona Goode squatted down in front of Cordelia who was chewing quietly on a teething ring with her two erupted teeth, looking up at the Supreme with wide brown eyes.

“Play nice.” Fiona booped Cordelia’s nose but didn’t hug or kiss her, though Cordelia continued to watch her expectantly.

“Do you have to go?” Myrtle asked softly.

Ignoring the question, Fiona said, “try to get her to stop sprouting rosebushes, okay?” Fiona kisses the redhead’s cheek. “It’s starting to smell like knockoff perfume in here.”

“Maybe if she had her mother’s influence around…”

Fiona scoffed. “I believe you can take care of it.”

8. Wingfic (200 total, 100 each) | Jude/Death (TW: Suicide Attempt)
Jude nearly drops her mug when she hears the whoosh of giant wings behind her. She sets the mug down with shaking hands. “What are you doing here?” She tries to be calm but her voice falters.

“I’m never far from your mind, Jude,” Death brushes disheveled blonde curls away from Jude’s neck, “am I?”

“I…” Jude whimpers, feeling tears spring to her eyes.

“Is this what you want?” Death’s fingers dance along Jude’s side as a sob racks her whole body.

“No.” She sobs. “No. Not yet.”

“Then stick your fingers in your throat before the choice isn’t yours.”


Jude’s knees hit the linoleum and her fingers plunge into her throat. She dry heaves twice before her stomach contents burn up her esophagus and splash wetly on the floor in front of her. Bile, tea, and arsenic.

She starts to get up but her body heaves and she throws up again, it hurts so much more this time and Jude feels tears in her eyes.

She stands up shakily, using the counter for support. She looks around the small kitchen but sees hide nor feather of Death and she lets out a sob of relief.

“Not yet.” She pants.

9. Meeting the family/parents (100) | Cordelia/Misty
Misty takes Cordelia by the hand, pulling her through the kitchen, out toward the greenhouse. Cordelia’s grin is as wide as Misty’s as she closes the door behind her.

Misty pulls her in for a deep kiss. Misty is insistent; she finds something she wants and makes it hers. Cordelia pulls back for a moment, pulling her phone out and clicking play on Stevie Nicks greatest hits.

Misty’s grin spreads, grabbing, kissing Cordelia again.

A throat is cleared and the women separate quickly. Fiona steps into view, scrutinizing the pair for a moment.

“Well, finally your taste is improving, Delia.”

10. First times (100) | Fiona/Myrtle
“Are you asleep?” Fiona whispers.

“No.” Myrtle responds. She turns on her side to face Fiona’s bed in the darkness.

“Do you ever feel, like, really horny after doing a lot of magic?” Fiona asks.

“Yeah.” Myrtle licks her dry lips.

Myrtle hums, a little jealous she wasn’t able to transmutate. The bed dips as Fiona straddles Myrtles hips. With shaking hands, Myrtle runs her hands up Fiona’s thighs.

Fiona takes one of Myrtles hands and positions it at the hem of her panties, fingertips dipping under ever so slightly.

“Get me off and I’ll return the favor.” She whispers.
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