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Challenge 568: 2 Golden Girls Drabbles

Title: Meditation Retreat
Author: Coco | madampresident | grrriliketigers on AO3
Fandom: Golden Girls | Blanche/Rose
Prompt: 568 - Favor
Word Count: 100
Summary: When Rose is tense from her consumer reporting job, Blanche helps her relax.

“Just sit.” Blanche guided Rose to the edge of her bed. “Close your eyes.”

“I don’t think this is going to work, Blanche.” Rose said with a sigh.

“It’s a sure thing, Rose.”

Rose opened her eyes and looked down to see that Blanche was on her knees. “What are you doing on the floor?”

“This is step one.” Blanche drawled with a grin as she gathered up Rose’s skirt.

“Is this what happened on your meditation retreat?”

“Of course.” Blanche grinned, disappearing under Rose’s wool skirt.

“Oooh, Blanche…” Rose laid back on the bed. “I think it’s working already.”


Title: Zip Up/Zip Down
Author: Coco | madampresident | grrriliketigers on AO3
Fandom: Golden Girls | Dorothy/Blanche
Prompt: 568 - Favor
Word Count: 100
Summary: Prelude to a night on the town

“Dorothy? Zip me up?” Blanche asked.

“I don’t know why I’m zipping you up.” Dorothy stepped up to Blanche and pressed against Blanche’s frame. “Before too long I’m just going to be zipping you out of it.”

Blanche grinned as Dorothy dropped a kiss to her shoulder.

“Because you promised me a night on the town, Dorothy Zborbnak, and I expect dinner, drinks, and dancin’.”

“You might have to settle for dinner and drinks. I have two left feet.” Dorothy zipped her up and Blanche turned around in her arms.

“We’ll see…” Blanche grinned, leaning up and stealing a kiss.
Tags: author: madampresident, challenge568, fandom: golden girls
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