doctorkaitlyn (doctorkaitlyn) wrote in femslash100,

2 Drabble Tag 8 Fills

Fandom: Riverdale
Pairing: Ethel/Veronica
Prompt: Flowers
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 250
Summary: "Is there a special occasion I'm forgetting about?" Veronica continues, laughing as one of the flowers tickles her cheek. "My birthday isn't until next month."

Fandom: Ginger Snaps (movies)
Pairing: Brigitte/Ginger
Prompt: Fangs
Rating: M
Warnings: Canonical character death, incest, blood and gore, implied sexual content.
Word Count: 250
Summary: In the days after Ginger dies, while Brigitte waits for the cure to work through her bloodstream, she dreams about her sister.
Tags: author: doctorkaitlyn, drabbletag8, fandom: ginger snaps, fandom: riverdale
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