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2018 Community Updates and Announcements

Hello everyone! I’d like to take some time for a few updates and to see how you are all doing.

First of all, I’d like to announce that our amazing weekly challenge poster, olivia_j, will be officially leaving the comm after her last challenge post on March 26th, 2018. She hasn’t been involved much in fandom for a few years, but she has graciously kept with the comm for so long and helped us tremendously.

I will be taking over with challenge posting where she left off for the time being. But if anyone else would like to post a weekly challenge, let me know! Let’s give our fearless leader all of our biggest farewell hugs and thanks.

Now here’s the big one. I’d like to announce (with both excitement and trepidation) that starting January 1st, 2019, this drabble community will officially be moving to DreamWidth. On December 31st of this year, this comm will no longer be updated and all challenges will cease.

LiveJournal membership has dropped significantly over the years, and we see more and more members go every day. I think a move to DW has positively influenced a lot of classic LJ communities, and I hope it will do the same for us.

It might seem like a lot, and I’m sure you have a lot of questions. I will, too—this is all new and exciting for me as well! So, let’s try and break it down a little.

What does this mean for this community’s future?

Femslash100 is most definitely not ending. In 2019, we will continue with weekly challenges, drabble cycles, and drabble tags. It will look exactly how this LJ community looks. Only it will be on DW. This is not the end…just a new beginning!

So what do we do now?

Keep on reading and writing! Literally, nothing in this community will change until next year.

I am keeping Drabble Tag 8 and the current Fanfic Tropes Drabble Cycle completely open right up until December 31st. That means you can keep leaving prompts and fills for Drabble Tag and make claims and fills for the Drabble Cycle. Both of these challenges will end when we move to DW and will start over new at that community. Because of this, both challenges are going on way longer than we usually keep them, but think of it as a last hurrah for LiveJournal.

I will stop updating everything in this community at midnight on December 31st.

How will the journal transition?

Good question—and one that I am still figuring out myself. I still need to do a lot of research. My plan is to import this journal in full to DreamWidth on January 1st. As I understand it, it will take all of our posts and tags, put them on DW, and we can continue on smoothly from there. But it will not continuously import things. So once I import the journal, there will be no more LJ updates.

I have a lot of time to learn more about this, so I will keep you guys posted. And if you know anything different, please let me know! My biggest goal is to preserve this community as much as possible when we make the move and to make it as easy and seamless as possible for you all.

Will my fics posted here on LJ be lost?

Absolutely not! I am not deleting this comm in 2019—it just won’t be updated anymore. In a sense, it will remain to exist as an archive. I am keeping my personal LJ account, so if anyone has any questions about the comm in the future, they can still reach me. Anything you’ve posted here on LJ will remain as is.

Please post all questions and concerns here and I will add updates accordingly. Thank you all so much!
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