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Challenge #604: Picnic

Title: A Speck of Sunlight Brightens the Heart
Author: temari778
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Pairing(s): Madoka/Sayaka
Rating: G
Word Count: 160
Challenge: #604 Picnic
Summary: The magical girls take a break from fighting witches.

It's spring now, or near enough, that plenty of people have come out to see the cherry blossoms blooming.

"So, it was Mami's idea for a picnic?" Sayaka asks, observing the groups scattered throughout the park on blankets, chatting and drinking

Seeing it jolts her heart, pricking the darkness swirling around it.

"Yeah!" Madoka chirps, smiling, then hesitates. "Mami said it would be good for us, to relax and not worry about witches for a few hours."

Sayaka wrinkles her nose. "As long as she doesn't make those cucumber sandwiches with mayo on them. Bleh."

Madoka laughs. "I thought they were yummy!"

They slow as they spot Mami at the base of a tree whose flowers had yet to unfurl. A pink blanket was laid out beneath her. Mami waves at them, unpacking the food from a large basket.

Madoka waves back, grabbing Sayaka's hand, gentle but firm. "Come on," she says tugging her, smiling again.

Sayaka's heart jumps again.
Tags: author: temari778, challenge604, fandom: puella magi madoka magica
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