cmk418 (cmk418) wrote in femslash100,

Challenge 606 - independent

Title: Starting Over
Fandom: Desert Hearts
Pairing: Vivian Bell/Cay Rivers
Prompt: 606 - independent
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Reno was supposed to bring independence, but brought something entirely different

Vivian chided herself after she’d hung up the phone with her attorney. She was behaving like a love-sotted teenager, rushing to the phone, expecting to hear Cay’s voice. She’d come to Reno to become independent, to free herself from the confines of marriage, and to find out who she was on her own.

What she had found with Cay, their times together, the one kiss they had shared, Vivian wanted more of it. It frightened her how much she wanted it.

She just needed to wait. She had two weeks before she could leave Reno and head back home.

Tags: author: cmk418, challenge606, fandom: desert hearts
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