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For prompt 607 - teddy bear

Title: Carnival
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Faith/Dawn
Prompt: 607 - teddy bear
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 250
Summary: Faith and Dawn on patrol at the carnival

They wandered through the carnival in Cleveland. Faith was on patrol. Dawn was there for moral support and to carry the extra bag of stakes that Faith would need.

The pair stopped at a booth where people were failing miserably to pop balloons with plastic darts. “Spot me five bucks,” said Faith.

“You know this is a scam, right?”

“You know I played darts in Boston long before I came to Sunnydale, right?”

Dawn handed her the five dollar bill which Faith handed to the barker.

The first toss bounced harmlessly off a balloon. Dawn turned away.


“We’ll go double or nothing on the next one,” Faith told the barker.


Dawn turned back to the booth where Faith was taking aim once again. She threw a dart and didn’t miss.

“First one was defective,” Faith said. “Got another dollar? You can take it out of my cotton candy budget.”

Dawn sighed and handed it over.

Faith received another dart from the barker. “And that’s five,” she said as the dart pierced the balloon. “She’ll take that one.” Faith pointed to a giant overstuffed bear on the shelf.

“Seriously?” asked Dawn. “This is how you think of me?”

“I am not up for this fight tonight. You’re the one who didn’t want her sister to know about us. This provides a decent cover. I know very well what toys you like and I’m looking forward to breaking them out later on. Now take Mister Buttons and come with me.”
Tags: author: cmk418, challenge607, fandom: buffy the vampire slayer
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