fresh_brainss (fresh_brainss) wrote in femslash100,

Update 2019

Hi everyone! As you can see, my plan to get the comm rolling on DW in 2019 is a little delayed, and not without reason. I have not forgotten, and if I have not replied to your messages, it is because...I don't really know what to do.

First of all, after talking to some fandom friends who made the jump from LJ to DW, they saw fan contributions actually decrease rather than increase. DW is an amazing platform, but when it comes to transferring blogs, I'm less eager about it than I was six months ago.

Also, I've been hearing from more and more people that they want an LJ renaissance rather than a total abandonment. After encountering technical difficulties on every platform I've been using for fanworks, and especially after going through the archives of this amazing comm, I'm having my doubts about the transfer.

So, I need your feedback. I obviously haven't been a great leader, but I am always here and will always listen. And if anyone wants to help out in any way with the comm, I would love that.
Tags: admin

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