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Around The Clock Challenge

It being 1 January 2007, it's time to launch the next challenge, 'Around the Clock'

• your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write one drabble for each hour of the day, based on the 24 temporally-themed prompt words.
• you may interpret these prompts as literally or as loosely as you like.
• drabbles must adhere to the community standards (see the userinfo).
• the challenge will run until the end of 2007 (no extensions this time!). Sign-ups will remain open until the end of November. if you haven't completed the cycle by the deadline and you want to continue, you must post further entries in your own journal and/or as comments to this post.

• each participant will claim a single unique subject for their drabbles. This can be a pairing, a character (picking a character does not preclude using that character in a pairing), a fandom (if it's small), a genre, etc. -- at the discretion of the moderator. To make your claim, comment here. 
• we went a little crazy maintaining the masterlist for Alphabet Soup, so this time you'll be keeping your own index. when your claim is approved, post the list of prompts below at femslash100 or at your own journal (if your index post is elsewhere, please comment with a link to it). 
• post your Round the Clock entries (in any order)! please tag them "aroundtheclock" 
• update your index post with links to your drabbles.


00:00 / beginning
01:00 / prehistoric 
02:00 / anniversary 
03:00 / generational 
04:00 / insomnia 
05:00 / contemporary 
06:00 / dawn 
07:00 / awakened 
08:00 / heyday 
09:00 / planned 
10:00 / wristwatch 
11:00 / punctual 
12:00 / lunchtime
13:00 / instantaneous
14:00 / season
15:00 / unpredictable
16:00 / evolution
17:00 / finite
18:00 / afterlife
19:00 / outdated
20:00 / twilight
21:00 / mourned
22:00 / heartbeat
23:00 / endless


missfoxie ~ Battlestar Galactica, Laura Roslin
amitee ~ Stargate Atlantis, Elizabeth Weir  COMPLETED  Masterlist
flicka_fan ~ Desperate Housewives, Bree/Lynette  Masterlist
im_not_at_home ~ Avatar the Last Airbender, Katata/Azula
tteere ~ Firefly, Kaylee/River  Masterlist
Masterlist ouch_right ~ Wicked, G(a)linda/Elphaba
leyenn ~ Babylon 5, Susan/Talia
girlie_girl_23 ~ The West Wing, Laurie
faithinthepoor ~ How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria, Abi/Aoife  Masterlist   COMPLETED
the_girl_20 ~ Murder in Suburbia, Ash/Scribbs  Masterlist  COMPLETE
smthngnbtwn ~ Wicked RPS, Shosana Bean/Megan Hilty
amazon_syren ~ Discworld Monstrouse Regiment, Maladicta
theshatnerstyle ~ Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck  Masterlist
soscaredtolove ~ Harry Potter, Millicent Bulstrode/Eleanor Branstone  Masterlist
Masterlist meltyoudown ~ The Office, Pam Beesley  Masterlist  COMPLETED
iamsab ~ Slings and Arrows
snarkylightning ~ Tru Calling, Tru
paperclipbitch ~ House MD, Cameron/Cuddy  COMPLETED  Masterlist
Masterlist lowbatterie ~ Law and Order Special Victims Unit, Casey/Olivia  Masterlist
Masterlist     tangleofthorns ~ Rock RPS, Marianne Faithful/Anita Pallenberg and others
mazily ~ Helen Mirren and characters
neontehsheep ~ One Piece, Nami/Vivi
mari_grem ~ Harry Potter, Lily Potter-Evans/Narcissa Black-Malfoy  
arjuna_lj ~ The Bill, Gina Gold/Amber Johanssen Masterlist    COMPLETED
furies ~ Bones, Temperance Brennan  
langs_de_lijn ~ Speedskating RPS, Ireen West  
teh_gandu ~ Charlies Angels, Kelly, Sabrina, Jill   Masterlist  
thenewhope~ Stargate Atlantis, Teyla/Weir    
adorablymature~ Harry Potter, Hermione/Pansy     
spockette~ Wicked RPS: Idina/Kristin   
seejanebabble~ ER, Abby Lockhart/Ketty Weaver   
 exoticrooftile  ~ Harry Potter, Luna/Hermione   
pirateygoodness~ Grey's Anatome, Christina Yang     
slybrunette~ Lost, Kate/Shannon  Masterlist  COMPLETED   
bebitched~ Lost,  Kate Austen  Masterlist     
daneorange~ Grey's Anatomy, Addison Montgomery-Shepherd  Masterlist    
dumbmonkeygirl~ CSI, Catherine/Sara  Masterlist         
circelefay~ Strawberry Panic       
ladycolete~ Hex, Thelma
minerva_86 ~ Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall/Rita Skeeter       
vhadani_82~ Cardcaptor Sakura,  Daidouji Tomoya/Kinomoto Sakura  
paperclipbitch~ Torchwood      
kaiwynn~ Twilight, Bella/Alice     Masterlist    

Tags: admin, drabble cycle: aroundtheclock
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