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New drabbletag, yay!

Hello people! I hope you're all having a lovely Valentine's day. And what better time for a drabble challenge than on a holiday? That's right, it's time for round two of drabble tag!

Rules are slightly different this time around - I've gathered up most of the unused prompts from the first round and arranged them in random groups as comments to this post. First come, first serve - only take one prompt from each of the initial comments, and the rest are going to be discarded.

Once you have your drabble written, post it as an entry to the community and then respond to the comment where you got the prompt from with a link to your entry and two new prompts. And then we'll start a new masterlist, and the rules will play out like the old drabble tag - for every drabble you write, you get to add 2 new prompts to the masterlist.

ETA: I can't believe I forgot this the first time around, but if you could also tag your posts to the community with drabbletag2, that would rock!

The master list is arranged by fandom with crossovers at the end, and the prompts that have already been done are in bold.

Battlestar Galactica :: Kara/Laura :: Faith - requested by sheepfairy
Battlestar Galactica :: Starbuck/Roslin :: Suprise Me - requested by tattooedsappho
Battlestar Galactica :: Starbuck/Racetrack :: darkened room - requested by lyssie
Battlestar Galactica :: Racetrack/Seelix :: baby blue - requested by lyssie
Battlestar Galactica :: Starbuck/Athena :: Mourning - requested by sesemperamabo

The Bill :: Ramani da Costa/Polly Page :: origin - requested by arjuna_lj

Blade Runner :: Rachel/Pris :: Music - filled by lyssie

The Chalet School:: Elisaveta/Jo Bettany :: Ginger - requested by meteoritecrater

Chicago :: Mama/Velma/Roxie :: Quid Pro Quo - requested by ilthit

Cold Lazarus :: Emma/Blinda :: perceive - requested by arjuna_lj

CSI New York :: Lindsay/Peyton :: Coffee - filled by karaokegal

CSI Vegas :: Catherine/Sara :: unexpected - filled by meltyoudown

Doctor Who :: Leela/Romana :: Logical Impossibility - filled by arjuna_lj
Doctor Who :: Ace/Benny :: Martyrrequested by arjuna_lj

Firefly :: River/Inara :: Inside - filled by arjuna_lj
Firefly :: Inara/River :: Perfect - filled by paperclipbitch

Grey's Anatomy :: Izzie/Addison :: trouble - requested by meltyoudown

Harry Potter :: Milicent/Hermione :: Meow - filled by tattooedsappho
Harry Potter :: Hooch/Tonks :: Breeze - filled by ilthit
Harry Potter :: Alicia/Katie :: Hustle - requested by meteoritecrater

House MD :: Cameron/Petra Gilmar :: Substitute - filled by karaokegal
House MD :: Cameron/Brenda :: Reference - requested by karaokegal
House MD :: Cuddy/Petra Gilmar :: Window - requested by karaokegal

Jeeves and Wooster :: Honoria/Bobbie :: What you oughtn't do but you do anyway - requested by ilthit

Little Mermaid :: Ursula/Ariel :: Extract - requested by snarkylightning

Lost :: Shannon/Claire :: Before - filled by paperclipbitch

MIT :: Rosie/Vivien :: maladroit - requested by arjuna_lj

NCIS :: Abby/Ziva :: Normality - filled by meteoritecrater
NCIS :: Abby/Kate :: Fingertips - requested by paperclipbitch

Numb3rs :: Megan/Amita :: Lyrics - requested by karaokegal

The Office :: Pam/Karen :: Green - requested by meltyoudown

Rome :: Atia/Servilia :: Coercion - filled by sheepfairy

Roswell :: Isabelle/Maria :: Crashdown - filled by snarkylightning

RPFS :: Naomi Watts/Nicole Kidman :: time - requested by meltyoudown

Space: Above and Beyond :: Vansen/Damphousse :: Insubordination - requested by arjuna_lj

Torchwood :: Gwen/Suzie :: Never - requested by paperclipbitch

Tru Calling :: Tru/Lindsay :: Nails - requested by by snarkylightning

Ugly Betty :: Christina/Wilhelmina :: Power - filled by sesemperamabo

Upstairs, Downstairs :: Rose/Elizabeth :: connote - requested by arjuna_lj

Weeds : Nancy/Kat : Strange - requested by meltyoudown

Crossover: ST VOY/Battlestar Galactica :: Roslin/Janeway :: Children - filled by tattooedsappho
Crossover: Mulan/Aladdin :: Mulan/Jasmine :: Kismet - filled by snarkylightning
Crossover: The L Word/Desperate Housewives :: Jenny/Bree :: Kinky - filled by meltyoudown
Crossover: Alice in Wonderland/Peter Pan :: Alice/Wendy :: Limericks- filled by arjuna_lj
Crossover: House/Heroes :: Cameron/Claire :: Dying - requested by by snarkylightning
Crossover: Heroes/Buffy the Vampire Slayer:: Charlie/Willow :: Nice - requested by snarkylightning
Crossover: ST TNG/ST VOY :: Crusher/Janeway :: Bold- requested by tattooedsappho

ETA: The masterlist was last updated on May 13 at 3:00pm.

Tags: admin, drabbletag, drabbletag2
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