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challenge 30 - NCIS - Kate(/Abby ish)

title: Therapy
fandom: NCIS
codes: Kate(/Abby ish)and shoes
summary: Shopping has always been Kate's favored form of therapy.
notes: for femslash100's challenge 30 (remainder)/challenge 26 (shoes)

Shopping has always been Kate's favored form of therapy. Time has taught her that a new pair of shoes can do wonders for even the darkest of her moods. And it's certainly faster, if not cheaper, than spending time on some shrink's couch.

During her years in the Secret Service she worked out a pretty simple and effective therapy plan - a bad day deserved a trip to Saks' shoe department. But since coming to NCIS she's had to scale it back. Bad days are now far too common for her government budget.

These days only shoot outs, explosions and other near death experiences are worthy of a pair of Blahniks.

Off brands from Payless won't ever live up to designer labels but they calm her nerves well enough. At a tenth of the price she can afford to treat herself even on days when Tony's hormones are the worst thing she has to deal with.

And if Abby smiles a little brighter every time she spots her new shoes, well, that's just an added bonus.
Tags: challenge16, challenge30
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