Keija (fickitten) wrote in femslash100,

#178: By Rights (Forever Knight, Janette/Natalie)

Title: By Rights.
Prompt: #178, trigger.
Fandom: Forever Knight.
Pairing: Janette/Natalie
Rating: G.
Word Count: 100.


Janette has never really been one for denying herself what she wants.

She's a vampire. Human blood is her right, necessary to her survival.

But this human is Nicholas' personal plaything, not to mention useful to the community.

(It's not Natalie's fault that she is, to Janette, more than a little irresistible.)

Natalie steps towards her and Janette fights to control the change.

Normally his human toys are merely entertaining, but this one Janette wants more than she should.

She sneers and Natalie backs away.

Better safe than dead, Janette decides, and tells herself what she feels is not regret.
Tags: author: fickitten, challenge178, fandom: forever knight

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