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drabbletag v4.0

Time for a new round of drabbletag! Our last drabbletag was pretty quiet, but we've had requests for another round so here it is!

If you'd like to see examples of drabbletag in action, you can check out our previous rounds: Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3.

The basics are that I'll be starting us up with some prompts (selected randomly from the ones not used during round 3 and our last drabblethon). You pick one that you like, and once you've written your drabble you'll 1) post it as a separate entry to the community and then 2) respond to the comment where it was requested with a link to the entry and three new prompts (or, if you're using one of the starting prompts, you'll just respond to the post). And then someone will hopefully write your prompts, and then we'll have a nice circle of drabbles going!

You can write your own prompts if you wish, and if you really can't write any of the listed prompts but would still like to participate, just comment with three prompts of your choosing. I'll add them to the list and you can write one of those!

When you're posting to the community please tag your posts drabbletag4 as well as author: yourname and fandom: yourfandom, and when you're leaving new prompts just leave the fandom, pairing, and prompt word/phrase. Drabbletag is low-key, so there's no deadlines. We're planning on having this post stay open till it's full.

The masterlist is arranged by fandom with crossovers at the end, with filled prompts appearing in bold.

All My Children: Bianca/Marissa - lace - requested by summerofsoaps

Angel: Faith/Cordelia - what a real bitch is made of - requested by consumedly

Avatar: the Last Airbender: Azula/Mai - temptation

Azumanga Daioh: Tomo/Yomi - rough-housing - requested by salmon_pink

Batman: Harley/Ivy - red - requested by killing_kurare

Battlestar Galactica: Cain/Gina - hold on - requested by kat_ducat
Battlestar Galactica: Six/Three - sexy - requested by kat_ducat

Bring It On: Torrance/Missy - celebration - requested by salmon_pink

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy/Cordelia - competition - requested by salmon_pink
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy/Cordelia - lipstick - their secret by consumedly
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy/Darla - scent - and damn the consequences by consumedly
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Faith/Dawn - slippers - requested by cmk418
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow/Dawn - consequences - requested by consumedly
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow/Tara - ink - things benign by dominant_spoon

Charmed: Prue/Paige - ghost - requested by olivia_j
Charmed: Prue/Phoebe - friction - requested by olivia_j
Charmed: Prue/Piper - pentagram - The Pain That Breathes by olivia_j

Claymore: Miria/Galatea - blood and candlesmoke - requested by silvr_dagger

Code Geass: Milly/Shirley - perverse - requested by dominant_spoon

Community: Annie/Britta - competitive - requested by salmon_pink
Community: Annie/Britta - queer theory 101 - requested by summerofsoaps

Criminal Minds: JJ/Emily - flashlight - requested by piadu
Criminal Minds: JJ/Emily - stress relief - requested by salmon_pink

CSI NY: Stella/Lindsay - need - requested by olivia_j

Dangan Ronpa: Sakura/Aoi - swimsuits - requested by doctorwhale
Dangan Ronpa: Koizumi/Saionji - picture perfect - requested by bastionmisawas

DCU: Barbara/Dinah - communication - requested by salmon_pink
DCU: Harley/Ivy - scent - Prey by salmon_pink
DCU: Renee Montoya/Kate Kane - smoke
DCU: Steph/Cass - giggles - requested by salmon_pink

Discworld: Angua/Sally - frustration - requested by kat_ducat

Doctor Who: Mel/Ace - opposites
Doctor Who: River/Romana - contest - requested by kat_ducat
Doctor Who: River Song/Romana - costumes
Doctor Who: Jenny/Vastra - adventures - requested by kat_ducat

Dollhouse: Echo/Whiskey - number one - requested by lara_black77

Downton Abbey: Mary/Anna - politics and society - requested by lara_black77

Final Fantasy - Ivalice Franchise: Fran/Shara - missing the Wood, finding comfort in each other - requested by wolfie
Final Fantasy 6: Terra/Celes - fireflies - requested by silvr_dagger
Final Fantasy XIII: Fang/Lightning - dream

Firefly: Inara/Kaylee - gentle
Firefly: River/Inara - silk
Firefly: River/Kaylee - chase
Firefly: Zoe/River - seduce - requested by cmk418

Fringe: Esther/Noir!Olivia - undercover
Fringe: Olivia/Altliv - vice

Fullmetal Alchemist: Lust/Riza - burn

Glee: Brittany/Santana - more than this - Things I've Left Unsaid by dominant_spoon
Glee: Kitty/Marley - A Song for You - requested by doctorwhale
Glee: Rachel/Santana - cornered - Rock And A Frustrated Place by salmon_pink
Glee: Rachel/Quinn - loose - Loose Women by kat_ducat
Glee: Rachel/Santana - real - requested by hamimifk
Glee: Quinn/Brittany/Santana - sugar - requested by salmon_pink
Glee: Quinn/Tina - free time - requested by dominant_spoon

The Good Wife: Alicia/Kalinda - clown - requested by piadu
The Good Wife: Alicia/Kalinda - rewriting history - Rewind. Play. And a First Taste by piadu
The Good Wife: Alicia/Kalinda - rollercoaster - requested by piadu

Gossip Girl: Blair/Serena - cuddling - requested by dominant_spoon

Grey's Anatomy: Callie/Arizona - dance - requested by just_drifting_6
Grey's Anatomy: Callie/Arizona - vow

Harry Potter: Bellatrix/Andromeda - frightened - Wondrous Paradise by kat_ducat
Harry Potter: Bellatrix/Narcissa - twisted - A Proper Birthday Present by gamma_x_orionis
Harry Potter: Fleur/Ginny - jealousy - Not One of Them Involving by dominant_spoon
Harry Potter: Fleur/Hermione - thrall - Being In Thrall by lara_black77
Harry Potter: Hermione/Bellatrix - kill - requested by kat_ducat
Harry Potter: Hermione/Ginny - secrets - Keeping Secrets by gamma_x_orionis
Harry Potter: Ginny/Bellatrix - pain - requested by killing_kurare
Harry Potter: Ginny/Luna - slow - Is A Virtue by salmon_pink
Harry Potter: Lily/Alice - sunflowers - requested by gamma_x_orionis
Harry Potter: Lily/Narcissa - forbidden - requested by gamma_x_orionis
Harry Potter: Luna/Narcissa - fighting - requested by kat_ducat
Harry Potter: Pansy/Astoria - preparations - Preparations by killing_kurare
Harry Potter: Pansy/Hermione - hands on - Wand-Free by salmon_pink

Highschool of the Dead: Rika/Shizuka - alive - requested by hamimifk

High School Musical: Gabriella/Sharpay - beneath - requested by olivia_j

House: Thirteen/Martha - order - Order & Chaos by missambs

The Hunger Games: Prim/Rue - daisy crowns - Daisy Crowns by kat_ducat

Ikkitousen: Kan'u/Ryuubi - actions speak louder than words - requested by wolfie

Jennifer's Body: Jennifer/Needy - and when they were bad - requested by dominant_spoon

Kore ha Zombie Desuka: Seraphim/Maelstrom - dirty little secret - requested by wolfie

Liar Game: Nao/Fukunaga - trust - requested by dominant_spoon

Leverage: Parker/Sophie - flying - The Wings of Love by orlidepp
Leverage: Parker/Sophie - wall, in referring to Parker's emotional wall to protect herself - requested by orlidepp

Lord of the Rings: Arwen/Eowyn - battle - requested by lara_black77

Lost Girl: Bo/Lauren - combustion

Luther: Alice/Erin Gray - corruption

Mad Men: Betty/Joan - Grace and Marilyn - requested by dominant_spoon
Mad Men: Peggy/Joan - happy hour - Advice by cmk418

Make It or Break It: Lauren/Kaylie - determination - requested by dominant_spoon

Marvel: Emma Frost/Rogue - ice
Marvel: Kate Bishop/Natasha Romanova - respect
Marvel: Mystique/Emma Frost - make a wish

Merlin: Gwen/Morgana - fire - requested by veleda_k
Merlin: Gwen/Morgana - flowers - Pray, Love, Remember by veleda_k
Merlin: Morgana/Morgause - blade - A Keener Blade by veleda_k
Merlin: Morgana/Morgause - bruises - It's Falling Away by dominant_spoon

NCIS: Abby/Ziva - scars
NCIS: Jenny/Ziva - bruise - requested by olivia_j

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka/Hikaru - healing - requested by joelthecat
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka/Rei - faith - Excellence by joelthecat
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Katsuragi/Ritsuko - hangover - requested by joelthecat
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Yui/Naoko - torture - requested by joelthecat

Noir: Mireille/Kirika - bruises - I'll Be Fine by hamimifk

The Office: Kelly/Pam - woman warrior - requested by dominant_spoon

Once Upon a Time: Mulan/Princess Aurora - Lionheart - requested by doctorwhale

One Piece: Nami/Vivi - bitten fingers - requested by salmon_pink

One Tree Hill: Brooke/Haley - shy
One Tree Hill: Brooke/Peyton - want

Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt: Scanty/Kneesocks - low

Primeval: Christine/Helen - power - requested by olivia_j
Primeval: Jess/Emily - share

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Homura/Madoka - slow - Slower Still by wolfie
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Homura/Madoka - brave new world - requested by veleda_k
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Kyouko/Sayaka - hunger - requested by veleda_k

Read Or Die: Nancy/Yomiko - penmanship

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Anthy/Kozue - blood - requested by veleda_k
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Anthy/Utena - stars - requested by veleda_k
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Utena/Anthy - sky

Rizzoli & Isles: Jane/Maura - caught - requested by just_drifting_6
Rizzoli & Isles: Jane/Maura - family - requested by just_drifting_6
Rizzoli & Isles: Jane/Maura - Maura's office chair
Rizzoli & Isles: Jane/Maura - sleepover - Sleepover by just_drifting_6

Rocky Horror Show: Magenta/Columbia - easy - requested by kat_ducat
Rocky Horror Show: Magenta/Columbia - bit of fun - requested by kat_ducat

Roswell: Tess/Isabel - Royalty - requested by missambs

RPF: Alissa Czisny/Meryl David - meltdown - requested by dominant_spoon
RPF: Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez - making it work - requested by olivia_j
RPF: Dianna Agron/Lea Michele - ambition
RPF: Eva Green/Marion Cotillard - lonely
RPF: Heather Morris/Naya Rivera - rehearsal
RPF: Kristen Stewart/Jodie Foster - unethical - Live and Learn by olivia_j
RPF: Naomi Watts/Nicole Kidman - nostalgia - this was once a love poem by olivia_j

Sanctuary: Kate/Helen - flight

Simoun: Aaeru/Neviril - fly

Smallville: Chloe/Alicia - watch
Smallville: Chloe/Lois - time - requested by bellaedward2223
Smallville: Chloe/Tess - denial
Smallville: Lana/Lois - boundaries

Star Trek AOS or TOS: Uhura/T'Pring - pirate moon - requested by silvr_dagger

Star Trek XI: Uhura/Gaila - comfort - Drifting by silvr_dagger

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Jadzia/Leeta - dabo

Star Trek: the Next Generation: Beverly/Deanna, being alien

Star Trek: Voyager: Janeway/Torres - warp speed

Star Wars: Padme/Handmaiden - shush - requested by kat_ducat

Supernatural: Anna/Ruby - forbidden - requested by salmon_pink
Supernatural: Bela/Jo - bite - requested by olivia_j

TGWTG: Nostalgia Chick/Mara Wilson - possibilities - requested by kat_ducat

The Tudors: Anne Boleyn/Mary Boleyn - hair-pulling - requested by dominant_spoon
The Tudors: Anne of Cleves/Mary Tudor - a little - requested by dominant_spoon

Twilight: Alice/Bella - new - New Sensations by killing_kurare
Twilight: Rosalie/Alice - braids - requested by gamma_x_orionis
Twilight: Rosalie/Bella - forever - requested by bellaedward2223
Twilight: Rosalie/Jessica - seduction - requested by killing_kurare
Twilight: Victoria/Rosalie - bloodlust - Danger Was Her Friend by kat_ducat

The Vampire Diaries: Caroline/Elena - bikinis - requested by summerofsoaps
The Vampire Diaries: Katherine/Caroline - alone at last - requested by consumedly

Veronica Mars: Veronica/Lilly - Perfume - Perfume by summerofsoaps

Warehouse 13: Myka/HG - delighted

The World Ends With You: Rhyme/Shiki - comfort - requested by hamimifk

X-Men: Ororo (Storm)/Kitty (Shadowcat) - elegance- requested by orlidepp

X-Men First Class: Angel/Emma - simple
X-Men First Class: Emma/Mystique - wonder

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Junko/Momoe - holding hands - requested by bastionmisawas
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: Kotori/Cathy - charm - requested by bastionmisawas

Crossover, Castle/Fringe: Beckett/Altliv, sparring
Tags: admin, drabbletag, drabbletag4
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