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/ femslash100

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a femslash centered drabble community
This comm will cease updating on December 31, 2018. Will will be moving to DreamWidth the next day. This comm will not be deleted. Please see details on the group sticky post.

a drabble is a very very short (technically, 100-word) story.

femslash is fanfic featuring female/female pairings.

like all the other blankityblank100 drabble communities out there, this comm is for drabble-writing challenges. any fandom, any pairing, as long as it's f/f.

weekly challenges ~

will be posted weekly, on Sundays. you have seven days to post your drabbles on the specified topic, interpreted however you like. you may only respond to the current challenge but if you missed one, never fear: every 10th challenge will be a Remainder Period, wherein all previous challenges will be open again.

there is no limit to the number of drabbles you can write.

ongoing challenges ~

Drabble Tag 8 will remain open for prompts and fills until December 31, 2018

Fanfic Tropes Drabble Cycle will remain open for claims and fills until December 31, 2018

posting ~

you can title your post whatever you like, but it's customary to note the challenge and/or the fandom/pairing. please use a standard-type header for your fic. for example:

Title: (optional)
Prompt: (weekly challenge # and word; challenge word in your drabble cycle; prompt phrase for drabble tag)
Word count: (important if you want stars!)
Summary: (optional)

if you are posting more than 150 words, a drabble that is rated NC-17 or contains triggery content, or a drabble that contains spoilers for an episode/movie/book that came out in the past 3 months, please use an lj-cut. otherwise, a cut-tag isn't strictly necessary.

please tag your fic with "challengeXXX" (where XXX is the number of the challenge you're responding to), 'fandom: yourfandom' and 'author: yourusername'. making new tags is limited to maintainers, so if you don't have an appropriate tag don't worry; the moderator will go back and tag any posts that are missing tags each week.

fine print ~

{ word count }
100 (or 200) words exactly gets you the most brownie points (and a gold or pink star, respectively), but we're not terribly strict around here so all other word counts up to 250 words are allowed. 150 words earns you the pale pink star , 111, 123, or 222 words is the orange star , 250 words means the blue star and any other word count is awarded the purple star . 250 words is where we draw the line, though -- no fics over this number are permitted. you may, however, post ficlets composed of a series of drabbles that fit these criteria (for example, a 5x double drabble that would add up to a total of 1000 words), or unlimited numbers of sequels to your drabbles. word count is on the honor system and if you don't list your word count, you'll be given a default purple star.

{ what counts as f/f? }
any story in which at least two women are in some kind of relationship. we'll leave the definition of 'relationship' up to you, but it can be romantic, sexual, unrequited, an intense friendship, an understanding... whatever. threesomes and moresomes are fine, and as long as there's an f/f pairing featured, any other pairing can appear in the background. RPS is allowed, as is original fiction.

{ can I post my drabble somewhere else? }
yes! we encourage cross-posting, though we appreciate a link back to femslash100.

{ can I repost an old drabble? }
well, no. if you've got a past drabble that fits this week's challenge and you'd like to share it, we'd prefer you link to it in a comment on the challenge post.

{ what else can I post? }
promotion of other communities is allowed, but at the discretion of the mod, so please ask first! PM fresh_brainss with any questions.

credits ~

fresh_brainss is your current benevolent dictator
sheepfairy is still watching from the shadows
projectcyborg is the woman behind the curtain
rubykate is our founder and moderator emerita
girlie_girl_23 is a past challenge runner
selenay_x is autocrat of around the clock

layout from premade_ljs

affiliates ~

- femslash_today (multifandom femslash newsletter)

we are also affiliated with spanishfemslash, remixthedrabble, diana_faye, yuri_challenge, 1drabble, and, most recently, puzzleprompts

if you'd like to be a femslash100 affiliate, please feel free to either drop the mod a pm or leave a comment on the most recent challenge post.